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'ORGANIC HOE- Communal Land Project' needs bands or performers for benefit show

Oraganic Hoe Communal Land Project needs help to fundraise for the purchase of land to be used as a space free for the living.
Organic Hoe Communal Land Project
Organic Hoe Communal Land Project
The Organic Hoe Communal Land Project is a collection of individuals seeking to create a self-sustaining alternative to the life this society has offered us.

We are currently looking for folks who make music, art, or entertainment who are willing to help us set up a benefit. Check out the website or e-mail us anytime. We're interested in any questions or comments you have to offer.

Thanks, and have a great day!

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/organic_hoe/communallandproject.html

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Instead of Recreating the Wheel 15.Feb.2005 06:03


Have you all considered throwing your fundraising energies into the land that is already in existence at Tryon Farm? Money is *all* that is needed along with community support and helping working hands on that piece of loving land - work parties are held out there on Saturdays- A bit more info at:

Not reinventing, just making one for ourselves 15.Feb.2005 09:51


We understand that there are already many projects going on around the country and elsewhere purchase land and get back to the basics. Some groups are even buying land to live a primitive hunter/gatherer lifestyle, such as wildroots and rewild. It's great that so many people are interested in getting out of the cities, and we encourage you to support any and all of them. But this project won't be run exactly the same way as another groups. We're not looking to jump on someone elses bandwagon, we're looking to start this ourselves and experience the entire process.