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Right Wing Radio Host and Author in Lake Oswego Tomorrow-Feb. 15

I encourage all you liberals and homosexuals to come hear the tuth about God, George Bush, and the future of our nation.
Tuesday 2/15/2005
7:00 PM

Michael Medved Book Signing Event

Join True Talk 800 AM for a book signing with Michael Medved at the Lake Oswego Christian Supply located at 17777 SW Lower Boones Ferry Road. Meet Michael and have him sign a copy of his newest book, "Right Turns - Unconventional Lessons from a Controversial Life."

Check out this great poll from the Micahel Medved website:

Today's Poll
Which liberal line about Bush annoys you most?
There were no WMDs.
Bush lied, people died.
Bush wants to take away your Social Security checks to pay for tax cuts for the rich.
Where's Osama bin Laden?
There's no connection between Iraq and al Qaeda.

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this one 14.Feb.2005 15:04

irritated by this

big connection between al qaeda and bush admin.

Nation? 14.Feb.2005 15:33

American Pipe-Dream

What nation? America is a cesspool of pedophilia priests, corporate greed, state sponsored terrorism, and sheep ripe for slaughter. Tell us something we don't know. See you tomorrow.
Bush says fuck you and your God
Bush says fuck you and your God
michael medved and bush recreating abu-ghraib
michael medved and bush recreating abu-ghraib
Bush asks the pope,
Bush asks the pope, "can I get some of that jesus juice?"

wait wait 14.Feb.2005 15:34

nate nate@deadmusic.net

okay, which conservative quote annoys you most?

You're going straight to hell.
Using a tazer on 8-year-old girls is okay.
The government should never give money to help people because only rich people deserve it.

Medved in Lake Oswego 14.Feb.2005 15:46

True American

They can't say we weren't invited. I say we put a few hundred protesters outside the store to let Mr. Medved know how Oregon feels about the corporate war criminal he's pimping for.

Let's make some noise!

try this 14.Feb.2005 16:13


Lure these mofos over here. Start analyzing their screeds but leave a link here, click it, then their stats will show, someone will come over to see whose linking up, just like good little sheep. baaahhhhhh

the low , low down on L. O. 14.Feb.2005 16:18


for anyone who doesn't already know this , L.O. is a smarmy little nest of right wing elites who would happily rape and pillage the rest of the planet to keep their privledge and isolation intact.
they even have their own slick little rag entitled " brainstorm " isn't that swell ?

Protesting Medved 14.Feb.2005 16:25

Visitor Q

A few hundred? I say we make Medved feel like Gimli peering from behind the wall of Helm's Deep. This is an evening thing, right? There's no reason we can't show up in force and let the SOB know what we think of His Fraudelency.

So ... ? 14.Feb.2005 19:00


if this is for real, let's get serious about it ... whoever knows how to get an announcement at the top and center of the Portland indymedia page about this, please do it! help spread the word! someone also ought to get word out on Kboo :)

gossipmeister 14.Feb.2005 22:25


gossipmeister, that is typical stereotyping of Lake Oswego. Yes many are wealtheir there than in other parts of the greater Portland Metropolitan area, but if you ever really look at the political map of Lake Oswego there are many well off democrats. On the other hand the American system boils down to hardcore fascism (republikans) and cryto-fascism (demokrats). To label all of Lake Oswego as "smarmy little nest of right wing elites" is absolute bullshit and you will find just as many followers of Adolf Bush in the poor communities around Portland as there are in Lake Oswego. Lake Oswego has been wrongly labeled as racist in the past when it is actually classist in most cases by those who foolish think the name "Lake Oswego" elevates their pathetic existence in the social hierarchy of western elitism. The honest truth is that the whole fucked up country is "smarmy little nest of right wing elites" who live off the expense of the biosphere and "third world". I am not going to defend the population around the lake of Oswego as "liberal" or having higher voter turn of democrats than lets say Salem or Gresham, because it does not matter. As long as you cooperate with the system of oppression even if it is buying a stick of gum then you are part of the problem.

L.O. and Eugene 14.Feb.2005 22:38


Well Mr Medved was in Eugene too. Is that an elitist place as well?

Anyway, I always thought he was just a crappy movie critic. How do the hell do these people get these jobs from crappy movie critic to public asshole for the Amerikan Nazi Party?

On his website:

Join Michael Medved at the 4th Annual Lincoln Day Dinner, Monday, February 14th at the Valley River Inn in Eugene, Oregon. Tickets are available for the event by calling the Eugene Republican Party at 541-344-5954. The cocktail reception begins at 6PM, and dinner begins at 7PM. Michael will speak and autograph copies of his new book, Right Turns. His book can be purchased ahead by calling 541-344-5954, and it'll be waiting for you at the event.

Michael Medved in Portland, Oregon. February 15 from 7-9pm @ Christian Supply in Oswego. Call (503) 786-0600 for more information.


PS.. What he hell happen to the Perle thing in Portland on the 17th? Any protests?

movie critic 15.Feb.2005 03:51

U. Sam

Rove: "damn, the shill actors, I mean journalists we paid are getting busted"

Bush: ...blink...blink

Rove: "ugh, i'd call you stupid, but we know that, anyway, what the hell are we going to do"

Bush: ...blink...blink

Rove: "I'm sure there is some two-bit commentator we can find that will sell out his country and mother to push some lies for us...oh yeah, there's that dweeb we met at that god luncheon we did. Ok, listen up Bush, go in there, shake his hand, talk the freedom talk, throw god out there a few times, and then bring him to me."

Medved: *in prone barking position tail wagging* "how high?"

Rove: "ok, we're going to give you a book deal, then your going on tour, make some cash the godly way, and we'll make you press secretary one day, if you get busted, your on your own...*pulls out contract for soul*...sign here"

Harshing Their Mellow 15.Feb.2005 12:06


ya i was a bit harsh wasn't i ?
but checkout Brainstorm sometime if you want to understand just how isloted and smug some of these bastards are.

I went to the Medved thing 15.Feb.2005 22:26


I went to the Medved fodder feed and saw all the middle-aged white males lined up (about three said their name was Ronnie). 104fm the Fish and the anther Christian radio station (it has a show with that righty, Georgina Rice (paralell to condi?)). One thing I didn't see though were any protesters! Not one damn liberal. Where was everyone? When we say we are going to be somewhere lets do it! Anyhow the Ronalds and Naceys were pleazed with their programmer and not that many people showed up. ONe thing we can do is call the Fish 104fm and that other Christian radio station and tell them to stop giving air time to all these rightys. Just because they are Christian doesnt mean they have to put up some Nazi to preach how to vote! Let your voice be heard. Tell the Fish that they are not "safe for the whole family" but actually "dangerous for the whole nation".

hmmm? 16.Feb.2005 09:34


so it was basically 3 Ronnies and a girl named George? Middle age white Christan males... yuk. I bet all wearing Ned Flander T-shirts. I could not make it. I was correcting papers. So what about the Richard "Prince of Darkness" Perle thing that I thought was to happen in Portland on the 17th?

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