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It takes people to start a movement...
When there is supposed to be a General Meeting at the Red & Black Cafe for Portland Indy Media enthusiasts and no one shows up what does that tell you?

This was my first time attending an IMC meeting and it will not be my last attempt.

I am extremely frustrated however by the lack of involvement for such an important cause that Indy Media represents.

It takes people to start a movement and those people are all of you reading this post and perusing this website.

Maybe I will see you all next week?! Would somebody have a sign or something indicating you are with the IMC so I know I am not alone again?

Thank you, excuse my frustration, but we must band together and be at these meetings to support IMC and the TRUTH our cause represents.

--Bright Lights

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meetings have not been held at the red and black for some time 12.Feb.2005 21:27

indy volunteer #1523

The Red and Black has been too noisy and too crowded to have effective meetings so some time ago they stopped being held there. A page containing the meeting times and places was created and announced. All references to meetings being held at the Red and Black were removed and the new page was linked on the questions page, the about page, and the calendar entries for the meetings (and should probably be added to the contact page).

It is unfortunate that you were not able to join the meeting today and if you can think of any ways the meeting locations could be made more clear please suggest them. If nothing else, please help spread the word that meetings are no longer held at the Red and Black. Stay tuned to the general meetings page for the location of the next meeting(s) which will be announced shortly.

Thanks for taking the time to get involved.

I wish I lived in Portland 13.Feb.2005 04:56


You guys really are ahead of the game. My local indymedia is a flop, run by democrats who see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Thank you for allowing "taboo" talk and commentaries here for us lurkers. keep up the good work.

thanks for responding 14.Feb.2005 22:17

what happened to the front page link?

I couldn't find the "meetings" page last Saturday either. Apparently it's now only linked from the middle of the "questions" page. There used to be a prominent, clearly labeled link near the top of the front page, which is now gone. Was it removed on purpose?