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Limbaugh takes lead on Crichton in Flat Earth Awards

Remember when scientists were attacked for believing that the earth was round? That same denial of scientific fact is now plaguing the world?s understanding of global warming. The Flat Earth Award was created as a humorous effort to highlight the denial of global warming by prominent public figures.
Warning: This voting system has not been approved by Diebold. It may count.
Warning: This voting system has not been approved by Diebold. It may count.
Despite an overwhelming scientific consensus that human-induced carbon dioxide emissions are altering the global climate, some deniers remain. They are trying to convince the public and our government that a massive peer-reviewed international research project conducted by thousands of scientific researchers is bogus!

Stirred to action by the 2004 release of Michael Crichton's latest thriller, State of Fear, the Green House Network teamed up with three Middlebury College students to develop an award that would serve to publicly expose such prominent figures as Crichton for their denial of the facts of global warming. A strong international scientific consensus, based on hundreds of peer-reviewed studies by climate experts, supports the existence of human induced warming of the earth?s atmosphere. The naysayers targeted by The Flat Earth Award are not recognized climatologists who have published recent peer-reviewed work, but rather public figures who have either flatly denied the existence of global warming, calling it a conspiracy theory, or who rely on industry-backed studies that contradict the prevailing scientific consensus.

The first annual Flat Earth Award was announced on January 26, 2005 at the "What Works? Strategies for a Melting Planet" conference held at Middlebury College. The winner of the award will be announced on Earth Day 2005.


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jesh a minnit now... 12.Feb.2005 16:49

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This is.. err..Raaash Limbauuugh here.. I ..err. Ahm a liddle wasted raht now..I jes wannah say all junkies shuld ged da death penahlty and..Ahm ganna begin with MYSELF..jes lemme load dis pistola here..So I bid y'all a fond adewww dittoheads..

LMFAO 12.Feb.2005 18:59

U. Sam

They don't call him "pills" limbaugh for nothing.

"hey costanza"

"si senor"

"go down to that barrio of yours and get me the goods, you know, el bueno"

"si senor"