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9.11 investigation

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taging people for gps tracking games by our government officals

12-Aug-62 224 N/A Strait of Gibralter SGT P.T.J. Gibbings Air Signaller


I WOULD LIKE TO SET PRESIDENCES OF FACT TO THE 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th and 12th District Courts of the United States of America in Order to establish A Registered Mandate of Safety in All Presidential Manners of Justice Dealing With Said Individual Edward Anthony Larivee.

Duties of the Surgeon General

To articulate scientifically based health policy analysis and advice to the President

I would like to in act the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th and 12th District Courts constitutional law of the United States to acknowledge that I wish the president of the USA to receive these paper of mine that I have emailed him in his morning nation security briefings.

Taske 1 ,

Registered List global network of research organizations that basically have no accountability of control that I have discovered a lot of scientific stuff and I am uneducated person trying to lay it out so the layman can under stand I will be sending you periodic updates to my main web page that has the original list of plates that divulge the level of networks I have been force to navigate through.

Thank You Sir I would appreciate some type of acknowledgment that you have received these papers

As always
God Bless
Edward Anthony Larivee

xjk 728 is my mothers licence plate





The Theory of Quantized Fields. IV



Acta Crystallographica Section A
Foundations of Crystallography

A Bayesian statistical theory of the phase problem. I. A multichannel maximum-entropy formalism for constructing generalized

joint probability distributions of structure factors


Dad's Obituary

EBH 549 was my fathers licence plate






Welcome at sysinfo.org

This page contains a collection of information about entries that may appear in important parts of the Microsoft Windows™ registry.

CLSID list

The CLSID list (former BHO list) is a project by Tony Klein and others who collect information about so called CLSIDs... which are for example used by Browser Helper Objects, IE Toolbars or Code Storage Databases.


YRF 093 is the plate the dmv gave me to registereg his car with after he died






To The Secretary of State

To The Treasury Department

To the US Senate

To The House of Reprsenatives
To The Surgeon General

To The EPA

To The CIA

To The FBI

To The Pentagon

To The Nation Security Advisor

To All of the Generals of the 4ArmedForces

To The United States Coast Guard

To The G Man W. Bush Our President


Arthur Miller

These Truths are evident by anyone with the ability to search for truth with a clean heart and mind wanting nothing more than justice and accountability for the miss guided governmental ruling bodies.

It is clearly a organized conspiracy to fraud the treasure department and the house appropriations comities.

These are plate numbers i subordinated two miner league scouting adventures before my final major subordinating feaskle that obtained the list of 27 this list was gathered incoherently on two previous outings of curtailment by sop of the local government.

I would like accountability of my in acting the Lincoln law and the Failure of these ornate operatives who where really miss using the system and by not taking the responsibility at hand and to heart, they wasted Americans time and money. I believe My initial one page report of operations of criminal conspiracy to defraud The Treasury department settles A legitimate claim of moneys save by revealing MISS APPROPRIATIONS of grants and the investigations to cell phone and computer transfers magnifies my Submission of thesis & Synopsis.

I would like to request a Treasury check from the Treasury department in the amount of 10% of the moneys save by revealing these conspiracies of fraud. I am Unemployed and My Local Government has defamed my credibility and my integrity with their greediness to control all without regards to human dignities and compassion.

My Mother Is 65 Years Old And I have No Means Of Support Since I did Not Lay Down And Play The Local Controlling Bodies rules of standard operating procedures. I have Had several hours to think about the complexity of the world today and what i am most concerned about is my Mother and the need

for me to provide her a secure environment for the 42 years she has served me unconditionally never stopping to think of her needs above mine but always mine or others in my family or in her work as a health care provider always working for the patient in her care she needs a unburdened secure environment to retire and at this time there is no way I can Provide one that she truly deserves.

So in conclusion I thank All Who Has Supported me and my I trust that I have done what is right for all of the people in America and for the future of our off spring.

The following is a wirtting essay work in progress ie unfinished work but kept here to remember the ideas.

I wrote a song with a older guy back in the 1960's while at the river he wrote it down and I gave

Him The words while describing the image I was currently watching overtake a ridge on the riverbank

in the valley where we would run our 1959 cristcarft ski boat .

Charley Pride - kiss an angel good morning.
I was 7 may be 6 years old,
Later in life dad had said that that guy had sold the song for 5 thousand bucks.

Continuation of essay

I would like to see who and how many times my named has ended up in a pay voucher for some report

of another from one Oregon club or church determine the need for grant money's used I would also like

to see another and another and an other grant moneys furnished to one son or another for a secure family

base that can only be used as. clubs can produce influences if they have money's from the Government

grants they apply their influences in the form of tracking games used by gps cell phones & automobiles .

Relatively unrestricted, no do's and don'ts of Structured guidelines were ever present in my observations

and any statement made by the tracing teams where supported by any number of the 25 to 50 trackers

and Any kind of statement made by the tracer was found to be unsupported in Order impartial reverence

to any accidental situation unless there is a Specific crime that has been committed by the one being

traced or curtailed The 110% curtailment of any individual is bound to lead to one of two Things

(in my humble opinion)The Compounded properties of the unnatural situation Created by the tracer leads

to statistical occurrences of events. The Fact is
that any accident that would occur while an individual is being follow can not be scientifically described

as a normal event. The simplest unnatural placement of a observer, changes the atmospheric conditions

in any or all of the observers senses from site sound and even smell all things place by the unregulated

advance and excitation of pressure gradients. Then You Have t to through in the fact that there are

prejudices in effect then influences are advance at any given opportunity which also adds to the

mathematical derivatives.Homeland security is needed I believe in the major arteries of roads need to have

camera which we are all ready have began to implement But to me I think there is absolutely no need for

every end point to be covered by 3 north south east and west. Because Joe blo winked at someone's wife or

daughter, let freedom rain I do Believe Guides Of constitutionality need to be written determining where

are where such impulses to observe points of interest >>>> Boy It would sure suck if people had to

actually watch their own children instead of letting them run wild like we all did as children. Then there

is my 80 year old aunt Doris
whose neighbor had her purse stolen right out of her hand just outside her front door. People you have

a brain and the fact that you don't know what is going on in any one individuals life means absolutely

nothing to me and the fact that you are outside what would be described as a normal event in your life

has not to me to be broadcast among the wires. A lot of times you must simply trust
in keeping your own business Privet I don't know how many times I new I was being Monitored With

listening devices so I would make up something completely offensive in nature and believe u me the next

incidental meeting that was theatrically meant to be unscripted had a degree of nativity that can only

confirm the belief of Sound monitoring. so I think in city monitoring should only be done on a
Proportional population mandate regulating at 500 1000 1500 2000 and so forth.



I would also like to see any and all the aireal photos taken using heat
sencers over my house I haved lived hear for the past 4 or 5 years
please do a search for flights leaving Aurora air port in
oregon also salem flighs north.

Thank You Very Much,

Edward Anthony Larivee


ARH 321


YAA 886




SYU 585

798 EBU

ZJF 247

QCQ 188




840 ANA



XQJ 775

WZE 578



NVA 050


195 BAL



624 BKU

OUZ 055

SSS 336


Nölling,J., Breton,G., Omelchenko,M.V., Makarova,K.S., Zeng,Q., Gibson,R., Lee,H.M., Dubois,J., Qiu,D., Hitti,J., Wolf,Y.I., Tatusov,R.L., Sabathe,F., Doucette-Stamm,L., Soucaille,P., Daly,M.J., Bennett,G.N., Koonin,E.V., Smith,D.R.
Genome sequence and comparative analysis of the solvent-producing bacterium Clostridium acetobutylicum.
(2001) J Bacteriol 183 (16):4823-38
PubMedID: 11466286


ZPK 068


220 AGW

ZRA 151

VRT 843

XSB 078

840 BHX

798 BEU

XVH 239 next door neighbor




YBZ 843




TERMINATION OF FEDERAL SUPERVISION  http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/casecode/uscodes/22/chapters/14/subchapters/iii/parts/a/sections/section%5F841%5Fto%5F843%5Fnotes.html

Provisions of R.S. Sec. 4785, 5485, and 4786 which related to

pensions were previously classified to sections 111, 112 and 114 of former Title 38, Pensions, Bonuses, and

Veterans' Relief


Association of American Universities


195 BAL

YBN 594

ZVK 794


623 AEA

085 BDP


Building Design Partnerships


Outsourcing global transportation and logistics activities requires working with a company you can trust to serve your customers as you would. BDP International is that kind of company.

We provide:

Peace of mind - with an established global network and agile responsiveness.

Answers when you need them - utilizing time-tested integrated systems and services.

Experience you can trust - as an industry-leader since 1966.

As your transportation and logistics partner, we can tailor a solution that will meet your needs to improve efficiency and minimize cost.

San Francisco
BDP International
1818 Gilbreth Road
Suite 222
Burlingame, California
United States
Phone: 650 552 9536
Fax: 650 552 9583

The reason I started using the web to cross reverence the

plate numbers and the plate letters is because I Was using a

thesaurus from N.A.S.A.

OBU 227

SEN 817

y2w 476

vyy 844

cu o7501

qqj 742

zcl 604

629 vbh

807 d11

uvh 616 2b 2c

974 bmp

901 bgv

all 549 or qll 549 also

obtain access

xsc 977

321 zfy

672 kge


Plant Conservation Unit
Department of Botany
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution


My Eggerness for justice does not add

the factor that I hunt and peck when

typping anything and everything

Me Be Tired Mr. G Man GW.Bush

As Alwas

God Bless

Edward Anthony Larivee




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