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Martin Luther King Films - benefit

Three MLK films - TONIGHT ONLY - 7pm @ Bridgeport UCC

Saturday, February 12th - 7pm
Bridgeport UCC
621 NE 76th Ave.
Portland, OR
Suggested Donation: $5
(no one turned away for lack of funds)

16mm, 90 minutes

One night only! Benefit for the Bridgeport Borderlinks Team. Help them get to Mexico by joining us a Bridgeport UCC for an evening of 3 short films.

Film 1) Great Americans: MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. Three of Dr. King's closest friends, plus his widow Coretta, voice their sentiments and assessments of his leadership in the civil rights movement. A beautiful educational print with great footage of his major speeches/sermons.

Film 2) MARTIN LUTHER KING JR: Man of Peace. A brief look at the life and philosophy of Martin Luther King Jr., on the occasion of his selection for the Nobel Peace Prize. Includes rare footage of MLK at home with his family, MLK preaching with his father and his acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Film 3) LEGACY OF A DREAM. This program, narrated by James Earl Jones, examines the life and times of the civil rights leader, as well as revealing his enduring legacy. Features excellent footage from various important points in his life including his later speeches on economic justice and against the Vietnam war.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bridgeportucc.org

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