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Let's Organize

It is our present leadership we should fear. The differ-ence between nations of people who really are free is to let these sickos now we won't take any more of this and dump them, and a nation that is so cowardly that it can be bullied that criticism is unpatriotic.

[These two letters were published in the Bellingham Weekly, February 10-16, 2005 mailto: letters@bellinghamweekly.com.]


It has finally sunk in. Superman is dead.

Ideally, America's missions abroad would promote the values we hold dear - truth, justice and the American Way.

The reality is shockingly different. Foreign policy based on deception, detention without due process, torture and sexual humiliation, massive civilian casualties and a leading combat general who believes, "It's a hoot... to shoot some people."

All this is financed with a massive federal deficit that will cut into needed domestic programs for years, decades.

The latest debacle - buck naked females mud wrestling for "jeering and leering" G.I.s - drives home another revelation.

It has finally sunk in. Bob Hope is dead.

America has entered a sad, new phase.

- Tip Johnson, Bellingham


I don't know if anyone else has the notion that our so-called political leadership knows what they are doing or not, but I just have to write and express my increasing concern that a kind of insanity is gripping these guys.

Every political administration from the Roosevelt era on has had to use debt creation and warfare to make our economic system flounder along. The Bush administration, with arrogance and total disregard for most of us, has thrown out all the stops. I was going to say huge or vast, but words can't describe the amount of phony money that is now being created to satisfy the inmates now running our political nut house.

But where has all this money gone? Has it been to upgrade and repair our infrastructure of bridges, roads and rail systems? Do all our communities have clea4n and safe drinking water and modern waste-disposal systems? Is it for our schools, health care, Social Security and above-poverty-level incomes for our men and women in the armed services? And on and on. Don't bother your brain because we know where the money has not gone, but where it has been dispensed other than for a bloated military budget used to promote "preemptive" wars, is not as clear.

It is not just economics, either. Our forefathers devised a pretty good plan for a country to aspire and advance. But what has been the main thrust of the insolent leadership we are saddled with today? It is the incremental dissolution of our Constitution and Bill of Rights by fostering "fear and danger from all around us." To disregard "due process under the law," and canceling the criteria of habeas corpus, (literal Latin translation of "where's the body" meaning why one has been arrested and the arrestee's location) puts us in the same category as was Germany under the Nazi regime.

It is our present leadership we should fear. The difference between nations of people who really are free is to let these3 sickos know we won't take any more of this and dump them, and a nation that is so cowardly that it can be bullied by the implication that criticism is "unpatriotic."

To those people who think our present national direction is OK, I have news for them.

This is all going to end. It will end, and it doesn't look like too far down the line either.

When this giant Ponzi scheme finally collapses, our beloved leaders along with their true benefactors) and we know who they will be), will escape to their offshore hideaways and their Swiss bank accounts and leave us holding the proverbial bag. What to do? You tell me. Can we vote them all out of office in the next election? Even if we could do that, it does not answer the basic question of why we need to keep endlessly going into debt.

One of the possibilities of why we need continuous debt creation is that technology is now doing most of the work people used to do. Add to that the race to offload our factories to China and elsewhere thereby eradicating any possibility to collect enough taxes to keep our country going, let alone feed and clothe people.

I have a suggestion: let's look for another way to organize our society where the economy benefits people and not some ill-conceived philosophical concept. I suspect some valuable information will shortly be available for us to consider. It had better be - the alternative is too grim to contemplate.

- George Wright, Bellingham

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2+2 still equals 4 12.Feb.2005 11:24

politics as impossible

Why do we keep going into debt? Maybe it's because the fundamental nature of capitalism requires such a program. There is, after all, something to the phrase so often used by the old Marxists: the "contradictions of capitalism." When something is wrong at the fundaments, you just can't fix it or reform it, and, the most you can ever manage is stop-gap measures. Time comes, you will be forced to start over again from the ground up.

Yes, it is a giant Ponzi scheme. And, yes, the powers that be have already prepared their moves for a post-bankruptcy era of the U.S.A.

Thanks again to mbatko -- although this isn't a translation!

More mud wrestling! 12.Feb.2005 14:46


I was diappointed in the mud wrestling also, but for a different reason. I would like to see more of this programming available on my cable. Ya know, like that Gladiator show, where civlian women could challenge the toughest female mud wrestlers in the military! Yeah!

When you live in an occupied country 13.Feb.2005 21:05

then you know

the essence of power is violence. You will know rape, yourself, your mother, your sister, or your daughter, Joe - but you will know it. You should be told now, it is power taking what it wants, fucking itself through someone elses flesh. Demons ride in the souls of darkened hearts! and the Demons of Apathy and Narcissus keep the conscience at bay! How can I tell you to care?