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20/20 rolls out UN propaganda hit piece

I was about to put in a dvd last night, I noticed 20/20 is on. I see a "UN" scandal headline. Hmmm, some more crap from the corp. media puppets. Cool, I love the "spot the spin" game and I love calling them on it. So I decide to watch.
Brian Ross of 20/20,
Brian Ross of 20/20, "investigative journalist"
So I'm sitting there and this little number is about these UN soldiers in the Congo. Well, apparently they can't keep their shorts on over there and allot of "mixed" babies are popping up. As you can imagine, many are left with their moms and "sayonara". Big deal right? We've done it in Vietnam, probably doing it in Iraq too. So nothing very revealing to the informed person, just goes to show how desperate 20/20 is to seem hard hitting and legitimate.(oh, and trying to smear the UN)

But of course, since I'm playing spot the spin, I had to keep watching and then it came.

They get the rep. from the UN for the congo in a hot-seat, you know, to ask "tough" questions. Brian Ross shows him a news headline from the local paper addressing the UN to investigate. Brian asks him, "what do you say to this? Is this UN policy?"

The rep basically said, "it's inexusable, it's my fault, and I'm going to do something about it, you can be sure of that."

But wait, aren't these just a "few bad apples", Brian Ross frames it like it was ordered by Kofi Annan. Not once does Brian consider this to be a bunch of guys going out on the town, drinking it up, and getting around. So we are led to believe that the UN is behind all this, not these guys. Hmmm. Does that mean the raping of boys, torture, and murder is the policy of those who ordered it in the USA? Of course not, it means we have a "few bad apples"(that don't fall far from the tree) and the UN is filled with guys who like to leave their children behind and it's the UN's fault. I wonder if anyone will take responsibility for Abu-ghraib like this Rep. from the UN. Looks like the buck stops at the people in charge at the UN. In the US, we just find some scapegoats and then cover it up. The UN should take a lesson from us, then they can get away with murder too.

But just so you can have some faith in 20/20, immediately following this, is a piece about "closing the deal on marriage"(how to finally get her to marry you).

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