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Your Fault? Likely It Is! Democrats Begin Their CAVE-IN on Soc Security

Every one of you who is registered Democrat or votes Democrat - this is YOUR FAULT!!!!!!! Drop that party now and understand that it only exists to prop up the Republicans, not to offer anything meaningful to the people, who are being enslaved by both of these parties for the interests of the rich.
The Democrats only exist to prop up the idea that there are two parties, not to actually oppose ANYTHING!

Wake up and read:

When social justice, peace or civil rights movements become massive in scale, and threaten to become uncontrollable and begin to win over large numbers of people, the Democratic Party begins to shift and presents itself as a supposed ally. Its goal is always to co-opt the movement, demobilize its forces and block its development into an alternative, independent political force.

The Republican Party has historically acted as the open advocate for a platform which benefits the rule of wealth and corporate domination. They argue ideologically for policies benefiting the corporate rulers. The Republicans seek to convince the middle classes and labor to support the rule of the wealthy with the argument that "What's good for General Motors is good for the country," that what benefits corporations is also going to benefit regular people.

The Democratic Party is different. They act as a "broker" negotiating and selling influence among broad layers of the people to support the objectives of corporate rule. The Democratic Party's core group of elected officials is rooted in careerists seeking self-promotion by offering to the corporate rulers their ability to control and deliver mass support. And to the people they offer some concessions, modifications on the platform of the Republican Party. One important value of the Democratic Party to the corporate world is that it makes the Republican Party possible through the maintenance of the stability that is essential for "business as usual." It does this by preventing a genuine mass opposition from developing. Together the two parties offer one of the best frameworks possible with which to rule a people that otherwise would begin to move society towards the rule of the people (i.e. democracy).

An example of this process is our minimum-wage laws. Adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage has been gradually declining for years. Every now and then the Democrats pass a small upward adjustment that allows the downward trend to continue, but gives the appearance that they are on the side of the poor

Dem Says He's Open to Private Soc. Sec.
Friday February 11, 2005 11:46 PM
Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - A second [get that you Democrats - this is the SECOND one!] Senate Democrat said Friday he was open to President Bush's idea of letting people divert some of their Social Security taxes to personal retirement accounts as Republican Party leaders tried to allay re-election fears among wavering GOP lawmakers.

Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., said any plan should be bipartisan, in part to give lawmakers from both parties political cover for supporting major changes to such the popular retirement program.

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Fascism Has Come to america 12.Feb.2005 10:37

billy ray

Our government looks more like Mussolini's every day. Benito had his "chamber of Corporations" Cheney has his secret meetings with the energy industry. We have the neo-con fascists and the Democrat fascists running the country. Look up the 14 characteristics of fascism on the internet and see if you can find any difference.

Lately I've been thinking 12.Feb.2005 13:39

March Hare

There should be a Centerist Party in the United States. It would be a more accurate reflection of the political scene. The installment of Howard Dean as head of the DNC is a step in the right direction. No one is going to mistake Howard Dean for a centrist. People like Ron Wyden would be forced to join the centrist party for example.