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The Whitehouse-Prostitute Connection

The Whitehouse needs a psychoanalyst, if not a lobotomy.
from  http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php...
what if GAY PORN and The White House become co-related

Randi Rhodes points out today that a GOP thug, who has been greasing up Scotty McClellan for months, has been forced to publicly resign from a FAKE NEWS organization (not The Daily Show) that has DIRECT ACCESS TO THE PRESIDENT! Jeff Gannon (not his real name) is also known as one of the *reporters* fed the Valerie Plame leak from the White House. At a time when innocent people are being rounded up by the dozens under the Patriot Act, as Enemy Combatants and put away without counsel, without charge -- this bastard participated in outing one of our few deep assets working on Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East. That is treason. But if it's treason, and Gannon was clearly working for Rove -- then what do we have?

You can have it any way you want, apparently.

In what has to be recognized as this century's most obsequious moment, Gannon penned an editorial on Bush's famous 16 Words, called:
">Media Strategy: The Making of George W. Nixon
Here's the lead:
It hasn't been called "Intelligence-gate" yet, but it won't be long before somebody uses the term. The media feeding frenzy over the "16 words" in the President's State of the Union address continues to overshadow all other news. Despite official explanations, the release of intelligence reports and a White House spokesman calling the implication that the President deliberately misled the nation "nonsense", it seems that nothing will stop the media's quest for a pound of flesh. Even the fact that George W. Bush's statement about Iraq's attempts to purchase uranium from Africa is "technically accurate" doesn't seem to be an obstacle for the agenda-driven press corps.

The first thing I noticed about this editorial is that the writer uses double-spaces after the period. That simply isn't done in professional writing either journalism or marketing. My typographic obsessions aside, drink in the self-serving tone of Gannon's voice, knowing what we know today.
Despite official explanations, the release of intelligence reports and a White House spokesman calling the implication that the President deliberately misled the nation "nonsense", it seems that nothing will stop the media's quest for a pound of flesh.
<img src="" />

Mmmm, flesh.

So, despite the fact that "officials" offered "explanations;"
and "intelligence reports" were "released;"
AND, by golly, "a White House spokesman" said all of this was "nonsense," the reason why these "explanations" are not being taken seriously is because the "press-corps" is "agenda-driven."

This, from a guy on the GOP payroll.

A pattern emerges. Everything these guys accuse anyone else is doing, is exactly what they are doing. This goes a long way to explain why conservative like Gannon are so obsessed with homosexuality and various sexual perversions. Remember when Bush went before the UN after blowing them off to start the war. He went on that bizarre rant about international child porn rings and such. What the hell was that about? I wonder, because now we know Gannon is connected to bunch of gay escort services and porn sites that (get this) specialize in MILITARY themes!

I'm not saying that everyone who supports Bush has psyccho-homosexual tendencies -- but you DO have to choose your friends carefully.

In case you didn't know, there's been plenty of evidence over the years that George himself enjoys a little man love. Kitty Kelley wrote in her last book The Family, of Bush's homosexual relationship, since about puberty, with Victor Ashe (long-time Mayor of Knoxville -- and Repub-hottie). When some in Congress began smelling around in this in 2003, Ashe retired as Knoxville Mayor and was appointed by George W. Bush as the U.S. Ambassador to Poland ("don't forget Poland" as Bush implored during the first debate).

Now think about all the gay tortue themes coming out Iraq. This has baffled me. Why do all the torture stories in homosexual themes? It's always about getting in a room of naked, manly Iraqi men and touching pee pees. And pee-peeing. And wearing women's underwear on their head for the pleasure of cameras, everywhere. Then, they are suffocated under water.

Where are they learning this? here maybe?
 http://www.soaw.org/new /" at the School of the Americas?

Back to Gannon. His resume has loser written all over it, complete with pyramid marketing. Basically he's a guy without a past and no name anyone is certain of. That, to me, adds up to criminal. I'm using the Mother Test. He doesn't have a checkable past where you have him working for a company for a known period of time that can be verified. My mother would say he is up to no good. Add to this the gay porn and prostitute service, and you have a thug who I bet you ten dollars, has been involved in shadiness in an organized and powerful fashion.

Finally we may have the key and power to connect all the dots, because Jeff Gannon, I bet again, "earned" his cherry job on the Press Corps as the result of doing someone a "favor." And he has a client list that could be quite incriminating. He wanted the vanity position of being a White House reporter, and the administration was looking for a few fake reporters to call on when the real reporters asked too many hard questions. Questions there might not be an answer for. Questions that, if answered, would be political suicide.

The thing no one expected is for themes of HOMOSEXUALITY and TORTURE and MILITARY-FETISHISM (where the recruit is mostly forced to serve and service the commander) to resonate throughout this story (and this administration), but hey, it does. This is extra creepy because most of these crazy people have read that Left Behind novel and have had the dissociative reaction that we really are living in the ends times. That's why so many conservative Republican men are acting out transgressive homosexual behaviors -- because they believe the world is going to end anyway, and they will be forgiven, and all the guys who gave them blowjobs will still be down here on earth with the rest of the us sinners trying to figure out what to do with all the Christians' ugly clothes.

There's a real live war going on. There's a bad wind blowing. Kali's done stretching, she's winding up for the Thanatotic climax. I know what it's like to wake up irritable, and I'm afraid we are heading for a big shit storm.

Here's my hope. Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame have a civil case against the people who outed her and compromised our national security. Watergate started with the help of a civil suit so sayeth John Dean.
 http://archive.salon.com/opinion/feature/2003/10/03/dea... /

So far Wilson and Plame haven't been shrinking violets. The way out of our mess right now might be to follow these threads and unravel the beast by it's sweater.

There is only ONE DEGREE OF SEPARATION between Gannon and Rove. That link is Morton Blackwell, famous for handing out the purple bandaids at the "RNC Convention and Round Up" in New York last year. Indicating that veterans awarded the purple heart were really just a bunch of whiners. These band-aids were a big hit at the convention. When people held up blue fingers at the State of the Union signaling victory in the Iraqi vote, all I could think of were the band aids. Memorable.

The White House knew Talon News wasn't real. It's funded by a TEXAN GOP INITIATIVE and these people know where their money is. If we play our cards right, we might just end up with Gannon, Novak, Rove, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush all up on treason. It's in there -- it just has to be unravelled carefully.

Here's a list of articles Gannon wrote for Talon News that have since been deleted --
<a href=" http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=talonnews.com%2F+ganno... "> http://search.yahoo.com/search...... ;/a>

here's an archive of some of his own words:
<a href="<a href=" http://web.archive.org/web /*/ http://http://www.jeffgannon.com "> http://web.archive.org/web /*/ http://http://www.jeffgannon.com< ;/a>"><a href=" http://web.archive.org/web /*/ http://http://www.jeffgannon.com "> http://web.archive.org/web /*/ http://http://www.jeffgannon.com< ;/a>
if that doesn't take you there immediately, go to web.archive.org and proceed on to jeffgannon.com by typing  http://www.jeffgannon.com into the search.

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Hypocrisy and Repression 11.Feb.2005 13:16


There's nothing wrong with homosexuality or kinky fun- humans could use more joy and free sexual/sensual expression. It's the hypocrisy and repression that's the problem. Like Alan Watts said, if the whole military industrial complex would just go f*** each other (and he added that he used this in the most appreciative sense of the word), the world might be a better place.

this stuff..... 11.Feb.2005 14:00


is RICH!!!!

WOW! 11.Feb.2005 14:18

Mr. Duckert

There's a big scandal behind this that will rock the very foundations of the Christian Right if it gets out. The good ole boys of Texas have a lot to hide. Let the body count begin!

this is good, but 11.Feb.2005 14:27

U. Sam

I posted in the other thread. I'm not a naysayer and I believe this story. But when you step back and look at what's going on, it looks like this could be a smokescreen.

A sensational story to cover: a)the cia 9/11 report and the length of foreknowledge b)the Iraqi sElection

What's worse for dubbie, LIHOP, failure in Iraq, or gannongate?

If dubsy has said, "i go down, you all come with me"...what would the move be?

Both of these stories should be getting press, yet we have gannongate taking over(being pushed by kos/dem underground). We've seen this pattern. There is more news that is worse for dubsy then this. Remember who these people are, their hands are in everything and they're all connected and it's one coverup/blackmail protecting another.

"What do we do", says bush. They come up with another patsy(gannon), the other stories drift from the ever to quick to forget American people. Thus, the lie continues. Looks bad for Bush, but pandora's box stays closed.

Just a theory based on "sleight of hand". While you look over here, the majician does something with his other hand.

you'd think this would be a big scandal... 11.Feb.2005 14:40

up from the memory hole

But then you'd be forgetting that this has all come out before (that pun wasn't consciously intentional). In 1989 there were plenty of reports of a gay sex ring, often involving minors, operating within DC with connections to powerful politicians and religious leaders and even bringing young male prostitutes to the whitehouse for "midnight tours".


Links to the "Conspiracy of Silence" video:


'Call boys' took midnight tour of White House
'Call boys' took midnight tour of White House

and then 11.Feb.2005 14:59

U. Sam

There is that underground censored movie(search), "conspiracy of silence" with the pedophile ring. This is a cover on top of a cover. I buy it, but how convenient it busts out just as the 9/11 "hey, how long did he know....oh, ooo, oo, I've got a secret, gannongate, check it out, huh, clinton, flight twa800, what....no I said gannongate".

Something doesn't smell right. 9/11 is their achilles heel, we know it, they know it, and they know we know it. When we start getting closer and more heat fires up(popular mechanics article immediately discredited on the internet). Then, in the last week there has been more evidence of clinton involvement. Once people start unifying and drop the "no, not my party, it can't be" bullshit, then they get scared. Divide and conquer.

RFK, jr. "95% of the republican party is corrupt, 75% of the democratic party is corrupt". Would a bones brother take the heat to keep the secret, of course he would. Bush is just a pawn for the bankers and corp. piston pumpers. Will this get major coverage and erase 9/11? Not for me. We need to clean up our house, if we don't, they'll try again in 30 years. We'll be talking about "bush flunkies" instead of "nixon flunkies".

Also, I think I caught Randi 11.Feb.2005 15:09

U. Sam

In a coverup. I was listening one day, when a caller said, "hey, what's all this about rathergate, I mean, he owns a ranch with Rumsfeld in my town"

Randi quickly drowned him out, and said, "no get this straight, the republicans are trying to smear rather for the phony...."

caller: "wait, no, I know, but why...I mean rather and rummie are like friends, hear me out, they are seen in town...."

Randi: "your not listening, see, You've got the GOP and they are..."

Caller: "I hear you randi, but what I'm getting at is this could be.."

Randi: "trying to smear dan by using some..."

Caller: "randi, randi, I heard you already, but what I'm saying is their friends and why would..."

Randi: (she cuts off the mic-you know how she talks) "see people, it's so simple, I mean, what you have is a smear tactic after the documents......"(more of the same)

And that was the end of it. I don't trust her, she's former military. I don't need to lie about rhandi, I could care less, but it's interesting this comes from her.

Oh, Rumsfeld and Rather DO own a ranch together. I verified that after I heard him struggling to get it out, check time magazine.

This Looks Big 11.Feb.2005 15:28


Randi Rhodes is hardly the issue here. Gannon/Guckert was given classified CIA documents - that's a crime. Also, for those of you who see this story as a distraction - remember, Watergate began with a botched burglery and look where that led.

a recommendation of spreading this news 11.Feb.2005 15:43


this is "hot" news! I would recommend everyone who agrees that this need to be in the public conversations to post it in every list-serve, blog and even mail it to the various fascist news agencies (sure they will not report it at first, but if enough e-mails hit them one might.. like Keith Obermann). I would recommend hitting specificially Christian blogs and list-serves. I would also recommend renaming it as "The Whitehouse-Gay Prostitute Connection". Though in reality nothing is wrong with a person's sexuality with other mutually consenting adults, but its the hypocrisy of this regime that has push for a witch-hunt against people's sexuality.

I hear you 11.Feb.2005 17:58

U. Sam

Just an observation, that's all. I just know these guys play dirty and nothing happens "on accident" with these traitors. To catch them in a lie, on top of another one, would be hard to backstroke out of. We need to pin them down and then lock every door tight.

Everything changed in 1987 11.Feb.2005 18:03


That's when the Reagan Admin did away with the Equal Time provision of the FCC. It opened the door to one-sided presentation of information. The Telecom Act of 1996 basically opened the floodgates for media consolidation, under the Gringrich/Heritage Foundation led Congress. Since that was the covert agenda of the GOP, they had people like Murdoch, Black, and Ted Turner ready to jump in and consolidate around an ideological agenda.

What our nutless Democrats need to do is bring a motion to impeach and challenge the majority on issues they can't keep out of the media. It's hard because there are fake Democrats planted in the legislature who try to block anything of the sort, but its the only way to force the Neocons into situations they can't spin their way out of.

I'm as disgusted as you are. It is treason. I'd like to see W on Texas' death row so we can mock his pleas of "please save me."

really should not be a story for the gay part 11.Feb.2005 18:23


Isn't the ability to go to whatever website and affiliate with whatever we want a desire of the left wing of the political spectrum? Why are any of us concerned about the gay angle on this story! It only serves to reinforce the idea that something is wrong with a gay person. I would say back off on that and focus on the hypocracy not the sexuality choice. The hypocracy is the key, to expose them for the money grubbing slime balls that they are absent of the morals they claim to have when money is involved should be the driving point.

Keep your eye on the ball 11.Feb.2005 21:06

Spastica Rex

I'm inclined to agree with previous posts: this smells like a red herring.

to nobody 12.Feb.2005 01:17


I understand your point about the gay angle. And yes I do agree that it continues the cycle of seeing gays/lesbians/bisexuals as deviants or not "normal" or morally wrong. I deeply apologize if it was construde as that or can be seen as continuing of this mentality. The aim was to show the hipocrisy. I am reminded of the obsession of Hitler with his wishing to know who was his maternal grandfather and the strong possiblity that he had Jewish ancestory. His actions to "cleanse" the German nation or archetypical German image of what he considered pollution which was in reality his deep wish to remove his own sense of "weakness" or "impurity". I do believe the current fascists in control of the "united states" of America projects onto the "national body" their own desire to remove what they consider sinful thoughts of their own. I believe that we all can and will become victims of their own desire to outwardly purge the national body of impurity of thought. No different from Hitler's desire to refind the German body by removal of the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, unionists, people with disablities and even those labeled as cowards or betrayers. The Bush regime has projected upon the "American people" an image of a "good hearted people" awaiting for their Christ. Those opposed are like the daily internal battle that George has over the temptation of the bottle. I am sure when he thinks of reaching for the bottle he tells himself he is a sinner and must repent by rereading passages in the Bible. And this will be projected onto the National Body and those who are seen as wicked or of impure thoughts must be purged. I personally believe that many within this regime are repressing desires that they reflect on us hence the attacks on gays. And to an extent attacjs on the Black poor by those who wish to purge themselves of their African ancestory and who see their Black past as a hurdle to be jumped.

It started with DOMA 18.Feb.2005 13:18

Zeke Krahlin zeke-misc@gay-bible.org

Some years from now (maybe a hundred or more), the Anti-Gay Holocaust will go on record as officially starting in 1996, once Prez Clinton signed DOMA. If you are heterosexual, and consider yourself gay friendly and progressively responsible: and don't know what I mean by DOMA...well, all I can say is "shame on you".

The Defense of Marriage Act was signed into Federal law by Bill Clinton. Essentially, this opened the door to establishing sexual minorities as second-class citizens in perpetuity. For who needs defending, and who are the threats? DOMA proclaims that no state of this nation is obliged to recognize a same-sex marriage performed in any other state. So we are essentially saying that heteros need to be defended against homosexuals!

Just as Hitler in his early years of tyranny, declared homosexuals (and other marginalized groups) a poison on the German culture. Now, we are declared a poison on hetero Amerikan family values. All boils down to the same thing:

Holocaust II

But the table will turn in favor of LGBTs and their allies, after approx. 2-1/2 years of global holocaust...targeting queers first to make society more vulnerable (as even the good liberal heteros continue to ignore our plight). Look to gay rights for the key to world peace. Look to gay marriage (not domestic partner, civil union, or any other phrase minus the word "gay" and the word "marriage").

Roll up your sleeves and fight alongside your gay brothers and sisters: for the only way to victory in the name of all that's good and righteous, is through the LGBT platform. Strike down homophobia wherever it may arise. For only then can the seeds of peace be planted, by providing soil free of harmful ideological bacteria, especially violent machismo. Make gay bashing and all other anti-gay bigotry inexcusable and punishable by law, and you also make a strong case against promoting the "real man = gay basher" syndrome.

It is my conclusion after years of being a most thoughtful and dedicated gay activist, that resolving homophobia on this planet for once and for all, is the cornerstone to genuine world peace and individual freedom. It is a psychic virus that has crippled the human race ever since Cain slew Abel. It is time to rid our species of any negative notion (not just violence) one may have towards another, simply for not being heterosexual.

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