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DIY Womyn's Health Conference next weekend in Olympia, WA

There's a cool conference coming up a couple-hours drive to the north next weekend, February 18-20th. It's free for everyone to attend, and focuses on Womyns' health issues. Housing and childcare are available for out-of-town visitors. Good music, good information, good people, in a great place. Olympia.
Short notice: February 18-20th
Free and open to all!

Alternatives to feminine hygeine products
Cramp relief
Re(non)productive upkeep
Mental health
Self defense and many more

Child Care and Housing provided for out-of-towners
Good vegan Food Not Bombs

Female Hip Hop Alliance
Intranational Flirter
Bridgett Irish
Margaret Rhodes and much more!

Other stuff:
Zines/Zine making
Free-for-all gender fuck skillshare
teas and herbal remedies
Discussions on sexual assault and more

Check in for schedule, etc, at the Welcome Desk starting Friday 2/18 at 5pm
at the Manium 421 4th Ave in downtown Olympia, WA

More info:
(760) 908-6644 or (360) 705-9443
or email  bloodspills@riseup.net

phone: phone: See article

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Cramp relief ? 15.Feb.2005 08:56


More of the same...diversion...diversions and diversions!
What gives me cramps is the idea that womyn are so easily led on the diversion path by the gifted at the gab "womyn" - the privileged celebrity seaking middle class "feminists".
The NWO is going to put us back to the middle ages and these "sisters" are worried about our menstrual cramps!!!!
Come on,sisters! Isn't it time to move on and organize to seize power? Male/God imagery is paralyzing us into fearing the avenue of real power. Why is it that the womyn's organizations are not uniting to form a real Womyn's Progressive Political Party? Marches, yoga parties, anti-cramp teas...we've been at it for a hundred years. A Women's Party got us the vote then pittered out into a social club. WHy?
If this meeting does not have a workshop on the idea of "womyn in power" then sisters should stay home and nurture their cramps - or read Her/story.

Don't be too short-sighted 16.Feb.2005 12:51

a guy who's into female power

Following the logic of your argument, maybe womyn shouldn't worry too much about their reproductive health. Maybe they shouldn't even bother to worry about learning steps and techniques they can use to avoid pregnancy. But wait, getting pregnant starts to take up all a womyn's time, and soon there isn't much left over for active membership in political parties. Much better for womyn to join the political parties now, and leave the dioxin-exuding tamptons in their... well, you know. Surely there isn't enough time to learn about which plants can soothe the aches, that can be picked from people's yards on your walk to the Women's Party Headquarters... And then there's probably some anarchist womyn who feel like the political process in this country is fucked-up, and don't waste time wondering why many sensible people (men and womyn combined) don't waste their time getting involved in it. This event will be a great small-community exercise in real empowerment, not some national-level money-grubbing back-room power-play political disempowerment exercise in futility. As some people would see it. It's all part of life, it all necessarily goes together, but it's pretty ridiculous to diss Womyn for teaching each other how to be healthy in this fucked-up society, because they aren't running for office...