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Tualatin Valley Skin leader unmasked!

Jim Ramm is Matthew Ernest Ramsey, creator of nukeisrael.com
Jim Ramm has been outed by a paper in Spokane. You can see his pretty face and read the article at:


There is also mounting evidence that the Tualatin Valley Skins are a front for Volksfront.

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Just another nazi 11.Feb.2005 13:50

Not interested

Thank you for posting this. Next, his address and phone number? Place of work?

However, there is little to link TV Skins with Volksfront. Give me a 'for instance'. I am not arguing that Volksfront is not, ultimately, nazi scum. But they are distinct organizations with little cross-over in terms of political approach or membership. If you have evidence to the contrary, please post it.

whois Jim Ramm 11.Feb.2005 23:23

Not Jim Ramm

Information to follow is from a whois search on < nukeisrael.com >:


3280 sw 170th
beanorton, Or 97006


Administrative Contact:
Ramm, Jim  mindfelon@yahoo.com
3280 sw 170th
beanorton, Or 97006
503-232-4432 Fax: 503-232-4432

Technical Contact:
Support, Domain  domains@web.com
487 Federal Rd
Brookfield, CT 06804
203-448-2021 Fax: 203-448-2021

Why don't you just call him at home? 13.Feb.2005 13:41

Ghost Hair Head

(503) 691-1269

Ask him if becoming a Nazi has made his life more enjoyable.