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Below is an article commenting on Brent Gunderson's denial of boxcars and shackles being produced by GUNDERSION STEEL OF PORTLAND, OREGON...a refutation by AL CUPPETT, opf the PENTAGON
Here Pamela Schuffert (former publisher of the article on BOXCARS AND SHACKLES.....

Pam, I can rebut this guy Brent Gunderson's "story" like Sherlock Holmes,
but I don't have time. His contradiction of thieir producing the PRISONER BOXCARS AND SHACKLES is "PR weasel-worded", as we say
in the Pentagon.
Al Cuppett

Pam, nobody ever said GUNDERSON STEEL had produced all the 102,800 box cars requested by government contract...only SOME of them! And
that number of cars was in the FEMA contract that the FBI Field Office
Chief, Retired, that is an FBI Agent, Retired, found!!


The number of box cars is for Canada too.. and here's the proof below.

Al Cuppett
US Army and Action Officer, The Joint Chiefs of Staff, Retired

P.S.I know more info than that too. I know a guy who called and TALKED TO A FOREMAN AT GUNDERSON STEEL and they admitted HAVING A SECRET GOVERNMENT CONTRACT for these

If he's still alive it'll be a miracle!

He also spent 900
bucks to chase down a flight of 39 choppers in a Cessna 310-B. And man
there's a real truth and story in that scenario!! That "flight" was
great for revealing what these UN creeps and globalists CEO's are up to.
They are using spoofer transponders on the choppers and they sent
another set of Apaches to try to roll the Cessna on final approach at
the home airport! They really have Command and Control of their forces.
That was in 1995!! Think about now!???

-----Original Message-----
From: Your Name [mailto: rayhope@americasoldout.com]
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2005 6:24 PM
To: abcuppett

Subject: Stephen V

Better read this one.

<P>Greeting's Al Cuppett , I am wondering IF you can Help Me I am
trying to reach Stephen V , He had some information on Iron Mountain
Facility in Edmonton ,Canada on <A
href=" http://www.tackamarks.freeservers.com/">www.tackamarks.freeservers
.com</A> I got your email from Harold Green Jr. I am also investigating
Sign Codes in Canada , British Columbia .It would be of great help if
you know Stephen's email address .

I have been researching the United Nations and what they are doing in
Canada I followed are disaster response route signs and they led to
several new Prison Camps Barbed Wire facing in.

I have noticed rail road cars painted white with UN Symbol on the side
heading through Abbotsford under cover of darkness. I took the liberty
of following it one evening into the Fraser Canyon and they stopped long
enough for me to go and investigate closer.

I am a Christian, Al, Filled with the Holy Spirit... So as I prayed, GOD
already had the path clear for me and there was even a door open for me
to go aboard .I was shocked with what I saw , there were 2 levels with
seating along the walls , Brand New handcuffs on the walls and shackles
on the floor I wonder what these are for .

On another occasion very late at night a train came through it was at a
different time I took note because the train has a routine schedule stop
but this time it was different .I went up the road and there were
unmarked military cars on the road side and the train was stopped for
some time .I went to investigate being cautious though; A large tarp was

covering the second from the end car the wind was blowing pretty hard
which I believe is why they were stopped to ensure proper covering of
their cargo I was shocked with what I saw underneath It was a very
Large Russian Rocket with launching pad .

How I am so sure Al is because I am Ex Military Navy Weapons Experience
.Why is there so much UN Equipment Coming into Canada under cover of
darkness and new prison camps going up in remote area's . I am making
video and pictures with a Night Vision camera soon If you want to see
them let me know .The
Government is working Feverishly to disarm everyone and to usher in
cashless society .</P>
<P>Thanks For All Your Help Al</P>
<P>HIS Servant : Davis </P>
<P>Abbotsford , B.C. Canada</P><BR>

homepage: homepage: http://www.AmericanHolocaust.homestead.com

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