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AUDIO FILE: Lynne Stewart 2003 Appearance On Community Television

Lynne Stewartan attorney who has made a name for herself defending prominent leftists including black nationalists and members of organizations like the Weather Underground, was outrageously convicted today, February 10, 2005, of smuggling messages from one of her jailed clients to his terrorist disciples.
Stewart was originally arrested in April 2002 on charges of aiding terrorism, charges which were dismissed by a Federal judge in Manhattan in July of 2004.
Quoting from her website: "This is an obvious attempt by the U.S. government to silence dissent and install fear in those who would fight against the U.S. government's racism, seek to help Arabs and Muslims being prosecuted for free speech and defend the rights of all oppressed people."

I had the good fortune to interview Lynne in April of 2003 in the Portland Community Media studios here in Portland. The interview was cablecast on Public Access channels in the Portland area as "Defending The Right To Defend." Lynne Stewart impressed me as a wonderful, gracious and warm person, a grandmother, whose championing of human rights has brought her into the sights of John Ashcroft, who went out of his way to make a spectacle of her arrest and prosecution.
This is a dark day, and my heart is heavy for Lynne, who has been singled out for persecution by a government which, while going to war in other parts of the globe under the pretense of protecting and expanding the freedom of those peoples, is slowly pinching off that freedom in this country. I really can't see how what they call the "Dark Ages" in Europe under the tyranny of monarchies, aristocracies and the Church could have been any darker than the era which is yawning before us. Our current dilemma is perhaps even the darker, for our "lords" have been elected, their empire machinations have been supported and applauded by our servile elected representatives and a Corporate media equally servile, blinded by the same greed and arrogance which characterizes government policy.
Dark days indeed!
I post this up thinking that others might be interested in hearing her speak about her situation and the situation in which we find ourselves in this country. The following is a 58 minute audio file from that program. Here Lynne discusses the case and it's possible ramifications as a chilling effect upon free speech and the lawyers who defend those rights.

Lynne Stewart

homepage: homepage: http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org

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thanks 11.Feb.2005 01:51

regular reader

for digging this out of your vault, Jim. good work as usual!

Watch Lynne Stewart on Democracy Now! Today 11.Feb.2005 11:59


Is It Time Yet???? 11.Feb.2005 12:07

Watching One

How many events will it take for us to realize it's time to ask those countries our WWII vets "saved" to come to our aid???? Maybe we should be taking out ads in foreign newspapers (French,German etc) asking for our own D-Day....Delaware, DC,Detroit, Denver,Dallas ,Dillon, Dayton. Seymour Hersh's statement on KBOO's, The Lecture Series, said he felt there was so much corruption and contol from the Oval Office (paraphrased) that any chance of changing things would come from outside our borders. I think we've reached the point, when we need to ask for outside help. No Representation, No elections, No Accurate Information....Where's our Democracy now?

We will still fight 11.Feb.2005 17:06

no one

Lynn we are proud of you and will carry on, be strong.

Oh this couldn't happen to me! 12.Feb.2005 06:02


I mean, they're only persecuting people who are big media targets anyway. This is all a big political thing. Nothing for me to get involved in. Besides, who's to say she wasn't helping tarrists anyway? Just let me alone, will ya? I think the Simpsons is about to come on, and Fox is bringing back The Family Guy woo hoo! We needn't bother with any of this heavy shit; there's too many escapeist diversions to enjoy!

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