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Churchill Replies "Do Unto Other's"

Ward Churchill finally was able to reply to the attacks from media and goverment officials calling for him to be fired. He maintains that he did not call ALL the victims "little Eichmans" or "call for" or "demand" more 9-11's.
It was standing room only in the 1,300 person auditorium on C.U. campus with another 1,500 or more outside in the cold listening to Churchill's speech last night. In a tone setting opening, American Indian Movement activist, Russel Means called C.U. Regents, "cowards who can't stand up for their own professor." Controlling his anger at being written off and labeled a radical supporter of terrorism, Ward Churchill finally had a chance to reply to attacks that he "called for the death of millions of Americans." Churchill drew attention to the overall message of his piece, "I did not justify, I pointed to the Natural and Inevitable...There was a lot of Karma due...When you put (violent policy) out it will blow back on you." From the civilian targets of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the uncountable Iraqi men, women, and children labeled collateral damage, the professor detailed the documented history of the cultural cruelty inflicted by the American Government in the name of its' people. He stated that he was pointing out the obvious moral of the sad tragedy of 9-11 that America need to remember "Do unto others as you would expect to have done unto you"

Far from righteous academic he has been called by mass media outlets, Churchill humbly admitted that despite his long activist history, he was no more innocent then the professionals killed in September because he also lives in this county and profits from its economic success. Churchill answered that we are all metaphysical "little Eichmanns" when we participate thoughtlessly in an unjust system. He also openly invited the media and the state politicians to allow him to defend his statements in person which he says have been twisted and taken out of context.

Students, faculty, and others from as far away as Laramie clapped and cheered as Churchill defended himself and turned the focus back on the key issue of his paper which he says answers the main question asked in America after 9-11; why do they hate us. He wondered at the politicians like Colorado Governor Bill Owens who focus on him and his language but not on the larger and brutal injustices in the world and stated "the question isn't why I am angry, its why aren't the governor and the C.U. Regents."

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A Golden Oldie 09.Feb.2005 07:40

Simone de Beauvoir

From "Being and Nothingness," by Jean-Paul Sartre

"Thus there are no accidents in a life; a community event which suddenly bursts forth and involves me in it does not come from the outside. If I am mobilized in a war, this war is my war; it is in my image and I deserve it. I deserve it first because I could always get out of it by suicide or by desertion; these ultimate possibles are those which must always be present for us when there is a question of envisaging a situation. For lack of getting out of it, I have chosen it. This can be due to inertia, to cowardice in the face of public opinion, or because I prefer certain other values to the value of the refusal to join the war (the good opinion of my relatives, the honor of my family, etc.). Anyway you look at it, it is a matter of a choice. This choice will be repeated later on again and again without a break until the end of the war. Therefore we must agree with the statement of J. Romains, 'In war there are no innocent victims.' If therefore I have preferred war to death or to dishonor, everything takes place as if I bore the entire responsibility for this war. Of course, others have declared it, and one might be tempted perhaps to consider me as a simple accomplice."