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Cops downtown

there were cops swarming downtown around 8:15 pm today. Does anyone know what's up?
I was walking down to the forest service building to pick up my bike from the rally earlier today and noticed that there were about 10 cop cars and about 20 cops and a few paddy wagons in that area. I walked from there to burnside and saw about 4 more cop cars. Does anyone know what was going on to bring that many cops out?

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maybe.... 08.Feb.2005 22:33


maybe fat tuesday... I guess they might have been looking to see if people were going to expose themselves. Just a guess. I bet if that was the reason then they were all paid over time. And if that is the case I would suggest all cops to get the over time while they can before Mr Bush cuts your budget... lol. Either budget cuts directly or to the city as a whole or your VA benifits. Its time for the piggies to rethink their protection of the fascists.

exposure 09.Feb.2005 01:00

a cop.

Exposing yourself is legal in this state. Nudity is fine, as long as you are not trying to be publicly sexual. The human body is totally free to be in whatever healthy non-sexual state it wants to (that means wear clothes when you work in a kitchen). You probably can't get away with whacking off on a street corner or anything, but if you want to march naked it is totally allowed.

the only real exception is the "buffer zone" around the nude beaches, where everyone more or less has agreed to get dressed. There is really no iron clad state law on it, but the naturists and the neighbors have kinda got a handshake deal on those strips of land, and it does not hurt anybody to throw a towel around themselves for a few minutes.

Although 09.Feb.2005 02:08

no one in particular

Note that there are non-statewide ordinances that can prohibit public nudity. The most famous one is in Ashland, which prompted a bunch of protests last June. Lincoln County actually says you can't be nude on or with 100 yards of a public place (9.115). I wonder what happens if you live across the street from a park and want to shower?

nitwit nite 09.Feb.2005 02:28


It's a pre-emptive strategy against potential disorder. Note that the entirety of pioneer square was cordoned off for "maintenance purposes"....on mardi/gras/fat tuesday, imagine that. There were a lot of idiot yahoos with their cheap plastic beads, goofing around. Guess the police aren't up for a nawlin's style mawdi gra in our town. Should of checked out the taboo show COPS on the tube tuesday at 5:30 to see it there...no wonder.

Hey, Lyra? 09.Feb.2005 05:59

Bobby Sands

What's with the "paddy wagons" bullshit?

Sorry 09.Feb.2005 10:44

A cop

I didn't know about the local ordinances when I posted my earlier comment. We don't happen to have any in the area that I work, and we generally don't know much about other cities/counties as we have no authority to enforce those codes. We only get to enforce the laws of the political subdivisions that we serve under, for instance a Gresham cop walking through Portland can not enforce the sit/lie ordinance, because a Gresham cop is only allowed to enforce Gresham city codes and state laws.

what do you mean? 09.Feb.2005 12:12


There are names, Paddy wagons, Ice Cream Trucks, etc. that describe the trucks that take away arrested people. I saw a few of them. What do you mean by "paddy wagon bullshit"?

That's why God Created Google 09.Feb.2005 13:16

Bobby Sands

Why don't you look into it for yourself. In the mean time, it falls into the same category as "Jewing someone down," etc. Get it? It's an ethnic slur on the Irish!

opportunity 10.Feb.2005 13:29

downtown tuesday

seeing the cops show of force was an opportunity to see how everyday people react to increased levels of law-enforcement tension. I saw mostly small groups of afro-american youth walking around and the cops seem to stare at their jovialness. when on the bus some kids said "Damn! look at that!" a truck covered in cops in riot gear. there was no mass of people anywhere but on that truck. one guy stayed on the bus saying "your all gonna get pepper sprayed tonight, just like last year." spooky to see just as many cops on the street as passerbys. real spooky.

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