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Cutie Bomb

Cops and your money...
So my friend calls me up last night and she says "You need to see this thing i found, it's really funny and'll make ya laugh".

I met her at the spot and cracked up when i saw what she found. It could easily have been the Meme-o-matic for all we know? She wanted to give it to my house because of its coolness, so i took it and whaddaya know everone didn't want it anyhow over at the house. So I put it out to the bus stop and went to bed. The next thing I know, the police and bomb squad had come because they thought it was a bomb (the funniest thing i ever saw).

It's not so much that they couldn't tell if it was a bomb or not, it's that they wanted to spend your money so quickly, they've got an itch always to "deploy!", and that they can't see radical art for what it is. Obviously the thing that Cutie gave me was no freakin' bomb, ANYONE coulda seen that. Well, that was my solo action for the night which was meant only to make me smile (it really did do just that).

I took some pics too of the cops and goons who showed up to disarm the "SITUATION". I'll post them up if you want me to, as soon as I get me a patch cord for my camera.


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please post 'em pictures when you can 08.Feb.2005 19:51


please post those pictures when you get a cord.