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Photogs of Portland Siskiyou Rally

Here are some photogs of the rally today in front of the U.S. Forest Service in downtown Portland.
wide-eyed to save the siskiyous
wide-eyed to save the siskiyous
A small but energetic crowd gathered to protest recent and impending logging at the Biscuit timber sales in southern Oregon. Hope to post some audio and video later on this evening.

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great photos! 08.Feb.2005 17:43


you got better ones than i did! (see newswire post right before yours)

To Hummingbird 08.Feb.2005 18:53


Funny thing, just before I saw your post I was telling my fiend that I thought your photos were better. Great job, especially on the write up, which gives our photos something to hang on.
Glad to hear you're going down to the Biscuit. Please continue your reporting here on IMC concerning your activiites down there. This story, for all the reasons cited by Laurel, Sandi, Rolf and others there today, should have national coverage, as it sure as hell has national significance.

shout out 11.Feb.2005 01:42


hey enron nice to see that you are in protland. e-mail me it would be nice to here from you. Has mke got so shitty that you came to the west?

Bush in fear of healthy forest and healthy voters 17.Feb.2005 22:15

Sherry in Fullerton,Ca Tamarra47@aol.com

My daughter told me about this website, I looked for Portland news because I'm finally getting out of California and moving to Oregon. When I saw this article I was disappointed that more people were not out there protesting!!! In Idyle Ca. the forest is half dead, it would make sense to cut the bad trees down. The government uses twisted information to validate their lies!
Then I read the article on prescription drugs and how they are killing people and the drug companies know this. What kind of people are they? Glad I found the website and will pass it on! Americans need a wake-up call!

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