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U S Forest Service rally protest

Act now to save the wild Siskiyou!
About 40 protesters came out for the noon protest rally at the US Forest Service bldg. The morning fog had lifted, but the dry air was quite cold. We created our own warmth with our energy directed against logging of old growth timber in the Siskiyou's. Among the sign carriers were several mask wearers, an owl face and a Mardigras one. Others chalked graffiti at the building's entrance.

Two people wearing stilts explained the Forest Service is trying to log old-growth before a court can determine if the logging is legal. Logging could begin before the scheduled court case on March 22nd. Thousands of acres are threatened during the gap in court schedules. These sales are part of the controversial Biscuit logging plan, the largest logging scheme in the modern history of the national forest system. This new threat is unprecedented. If logging moves forward in the Siskiyous, millions of acres across the Northwest could be at risk.

Send a free fax to officials, www.siskiyou.org Tell them not to sllow logging of old-grown in the Siskiyou's before the March 22 court case is heard. Create a Siskiyou Wild Rivers National Conservation area to protect these forests for future generations.

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THINK before you ACT 08.Feb.2005 17:28

concerned Forest Defender

I thought the rally was great. A little low energy but still wonderful. The only thing I have to say is to the people who wrote with chalk on the sidewalk. Things like "STOP LOGGING, STOP DEATH, E.L.F" were written on the sidewalk while 2 police officers watched from 2 feet away. Now I may not denounce the ELF or their actions, but I don't think that this was tactically effective. First off, for these folks own sakes. The ELF does their thing underground and theres a reason for that. They don't/shouldn't do things with the police over there backs and second not during a rally of people who may not all feel that way toward the ELF. There are some good folks in the Forest Service and all of them that came out of work today had to think we were idiots. Idiots right along with there bosses. All I'm really saying is first think about Security Culture and second just think before you act.

word. 08.Feb.2005 20:46


yeah im all for reclaiming public space with our messages but obviously there were some people that were mistaken. i think that its logical to conculde that whoever was writing that on the sidewalk is not thinking about clandestine actions anyway. i hope that whoever did it learns a lesson.

Holy shit. 09.Feb.2005 14:07


The forests are falling down around your ears, the plant is begging, BEGGING for you to get up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, and you're griping about someone writing on the sidewalk? Come on. Yeh, I get the point about security culture -- probably woulda been better not to scrawl "ELF" on the sidewalk in front of cops. But two friggin comments about that and nothing else? Please.

We, and all the species we take down with us, are gonna be in deep trouble soon if we allow the very last real ecosystems in the world to be gulped down greedy throats and shat out corporate assholes. Everybody, everybody fucking DO something.