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Mayberry, RFID

SafeTzone Corporation To Install Its SAMys Scanners
At Amusement Parks.
These RFID tags will be used as Family Locator Systems.

Cliff Horwitz, CEO of SAMys Technologies says that
the RFID program will take people into places that
they could not imagine.
"SafeTzone's RFID system shows the different kinds
of applications", says Horwitz, "other than
tracking products, which can be enabled by this

SAMSys Technologies Inc., of Toronto announced
today that they have made an agreement to install
radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, which
will be used with the SafeTzone Technologies' family
locator system.
These systems have been installed at different
locations -- like Steamboat Ski and Resort in
Colorado; Wannado City in Florida; Paramount's
Great America in California; and Dollywood's
Splash Country in Tennessee.

The SAMSys scanners will work in with the special
RFID-bracelets, which will be used to identify family
members at different locations around the park.
The RFID tags can also be used for retail trans-
actions, such as food, drinks, and other goods.

The SafeTzone Corporation has been using the
SAMSys scanners for about 18 months, and has
recently ordered another 150 units.
SafeTzone now has a customized version of its
MP9112, 134 KHz model which will be used to
accomodate its RFID needs.
The company said that it had chosen the SAMSys
products because of their reliability, perfor-
mance, which includes instantaneous read outs
which is necessary for smooth user interaction.

SAMSys has incorporated an external antenna into
the scanner which will increase the read range up
to 8 inches, which will ensure easy scanning of
children and adults.
The scanners normally read the RFID tags at one
to three inches.
SAMys has also added an snap-in device for the
power supply, which will eliminate the problem
of disconnections.
The SafeTzone technology will monitor the locations
of all family members on a continuous basis through
the waterproof transmitter in the SafeTzone wristband.

"Our RFID tags and Scanners", says Martin Crowley,
the head technology officer, are problem-free and
can even be used by children." "These devices
will make it easier for our guests to use our
different services", said Crowley.

SafeTzone's devices will enable families,, schools,
church's, etc., to account for all members at all
times, to find members who have become lost or
separated, and groups can split up, knowing that
they will be able to find each other without any
The SAMys system can be used for personal purchases,
which will eliminate the need for people to carry
money, and the day's spending for the entire group
will be recorded by the RFID tag.

The SAMSys' 134 KHz MP9112 scanners complements the
Texas Instruments' TIRIS RFID tags, also being used
by SafeTzone, as well as the Philips Hitag 1 tags.
SafeTzone uses the complete reader package, which is
also available as a board-level model that can be
integrated into other equipment.

SAMSys Technologies Inc., which was founded in 1995,
is a world-leading producer and provider of radio
frequency identification (RFID) hardware solutions
and RFID integration consulting services which are
designed to evaluate and recommend optimal RFID
solutions to enhance business operations.
SAMSys also offers a wide range of products,
which will make installation easier, and guarantee
performance of the overall RFID hardware infra-
SAMSys is a public company, and their shares are
open for trading on the TSX Exchange under the
symbol "SMY", and the company has a total of 47.6
million outstanding shares.

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