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Religious Groups In U.S.

Largest Religious Groups in the U.S.
A list of major religions and churches, which are
listed by name and location, can be found on the
website  http://www.Adherents.com.
People can also use the Location Index to locate
a religion or church in different states,
provinces, and countries.

The United States has the largest number of
religious groups, more than any other country
around the world.
The website, adherents.com has thousands of
listings and statistics, and shows summary
lists of the largest religious groups in the
U.S., such as the 20 largest religions; the
largest christian branches; the largest
denomination of families; the 10 largest
religious bodies; 10 years of Gallup poll
data; 10 religious bodies with the most
churches; the most ubiquitous churches;
and religious bodies which have the
biggest church in one or more states.

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2 gods 08.Feb.2005 13:01


there is the illusion of many religions but in fact there are only 2. god and money. as we can see most serve money and thus we live in a godless society that is destroying the world. jesus says that you can't serve 2 masters that you will love one and hate the other...you can't serve both god and money. anyone who depends on money for survival is worshiping that false god and cannot know the real one.

yes but... 08.Feb.2005 14:14

more info please

...which ones preach bigotry and hate politics? Catholic, Mormon and who else? These are the people we need to track so they can have their nonprofit status yanked. BTW $700,000(!) of your tax dollars has been given to a Portland conservative Catholic family institution to spread lies like birth control (except rhythm method) doesn't work and abstinence does always, condoms don't prevent AIDS and homos are sick. It's the faith-based initiative at work right here! Considerably less (a whole lot less) was given to Raphael House women and childrens' shelter and the YWCA but we know what's important to those in power so no surprise there. I'd love to picket that Catholic place and pass out truthful info.

It's A Blond Thing....... ;) 08.Feb.2005 14:29


I forgot to include this link:

Catholics killed 9 million women 08.Feb.2005 15:22

holocaust watch

The Inquisition killed 9 million women during the span of 300 years. This was murder...not an act of God's people. The result: fear institutionalized! A WOMAN'S HOLOCAUST hidden from the world by the Patriarchy is rarely mentioned.

Christianity was established in blood - women were tortured (in a sexual manner) and burned at the stake so that their medicinal expertise and their control of birth and natural birth control was passed to the male Patriarchal world order.

Are we going to take another mass slaughter of women by the neo-cons?

The Inquisition killed 9 million women during the span of 300 years 08.Feb.2005 17:09


It wasn't all women that were murdered during the Inquisition.

The christian church, in collusion with the "royalty", slaughtered
many people, from many Pagan tribes, male, female, two-spirit,
children, with estimates ranging from 9-11 million.

When the church-court could no longer find the "pagan devils",
they began to prey on those who had become totally christianized,
and no longer remembering the Ancient Ways.
They accused them of being witches, spawns of the devil, etc.,
and slaughtered them as well.....and of course, the church-
court shared the spoils of war.

This was also seen on Turtle Island, when the Europeans, in
their religious-induced paranoia, began new persecutions
against witches, etc.....and when they could no longer terrorize
their own, they began to turn their attention to the Human Beings
of Turtle Island, and their rage against the "savage, pagan Indians."

The church-court, known today as the church-state, began its religious
history with lies, theft, violence, bloodshed and genocide.
There are many instances of their gory blood-stained history, from the
beginning, right up to today.
What has changed?
What will change?

Different 08.Feb.2005 20:20

Dude w/puter

These numbers are drastically different from anything I have ever seen. First of all, these numbers do not come close to the estimated US population of 280-290 million. The top 20 religions should come very close to this number with the vast majority of people identifying with them, but it is way off. Ohter drastically different numbers in this versus every other study I have seen is the estimate of the Jewish population, which is estimated to be at around 5.5 million, making the US the country with the largest number of Jews. I have seen in this in multiple places, including  http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/jewpop.html and  http://www.rense.com/general30/nat.htm, but this site says the Jewish population is about half that. I don't believe that this is an accurate representaiton of the religious population in the US.

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