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Rice admits sleeping with Bush; photo evidence!

Proof positive

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Hee hee 08.Feb.2005 11:30



the W 08.Feb.2005 11:31

Dr. Spokk

The "W" is for "Weenie"

the W -2 08.Feb.2005 11:41


I always thought "W" was for "wanker"

Oh, so it's ok to make fun of tiny weiners now 08.Feb.2005 14:16


Right, so we can't make fun of any other demographic, not women, or men, or trans, or gays, or paranoids, or anyone BUT people who have tiny dicks.

Of course we know that bush has a really big dick, who happens to be the VP.

A book deal? 08.Feb.2005 17:39

C of I

The good doctor was just in France, and word has it there's a book deal in the works--nothing concrete, just a buzz at this point.

Can we make fun of monkeys? 08.Feb.2005 20:04


Good God, they're ugly on the outside too.
Special Relationship
Special Relationship

yeah 08.Feb.2005 22:31


Isn't this sexual harrassment? I say compost the garbage.

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