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The Homeland Security State

This article is based on a two-part story
by Nick Turse

George II and Cabal, in their efforts to make
the Empire a total Homeland Security State,
have combined the talents of the Pentagon,
State Department, FBI, CIA, DEA, the U.S. Air
Force, and other agencies into one unit --
Homeland Security.
However, it will take more than the efforts of the
military and intelligence agencies to accomplish
their desire -- it will also have to include all
levels of civilian governments.
The private corporate sector is actively engaged
with the military-industrial complex, and the
Empire's royal subjects will have to do their part
as well if the total Homeland Security State is to
became a part of everyday reality.

The bad news is, if you are a subject of the Empire,
this process is now under way, ala the creation of
the Homeland Security Schutzstaffien, which has
absorbed many other agencies and made them all one
These agencies include, but are not limited to, the
United States Customs Service, formerly a branch of
the Treasury Department; the enforcement branch of
the Immigration and Naturalization Service(Depart-
ment of Justice); the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service(Department of Agriculture); the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center(Department of Treasury); the Transportation Security Administration (Department of Transportation); the Federal Protective Service(General Services Administration); the Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA); the Strategic National Stockpile and the National Disaster Medical System(Health and Human Services); the Nuclear Incident Response Team(Energy); the Domestic Emergency Support Teams(Justice); the National Domestic Preparedness Office(FBI); the CBRN Countermeasures Programs Energy); the Environmental Measurements Laboratory(Energy); the National Biological Warfare Defense Analysis Center(Defense); the Plum Island Animal Disease Center(Agriculture); the Federal Computer Incident Response Center(General Services Administration); the National Communications System (Defense); the National Infrastructure Protection Center(FBI); the Energy Security and Assurance Program (Energy); the Secret Service(Treasury); and the Coast Guard(Defense and Transportation).

The total Homeland Security State is just the
beginning for the brave new Empire of George II,
an Empire where the war to "liberate" the Iraqi,
and other peoples around the world, will soon be
waged against the royal subjects of the Empire.
Many civilian agencies have created a number of
various programs which will give them more powers,
and the means to create more sophisticated
technologies which will be used to keep track of,
and control the masses, disrupt dissent, and so on.

The Department of Homeland Security recently
released the information that it had previously
used an X-ray van for cargo searches at the
Empire's borders......and in a test trial, they
took X-ray pictures of parked cars in Cape May,
New Jersey.

The Homeland Security Schutzstaffien claim that all
of their X-ray surveillance was done on empty cars,
with prior approval by the respective owners.....it
doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this
won't last too long.

The manufacturer of the Z Backscatter Van(ZBV),
American Science & Engineering Inc., says that
the new van resembles other ordinary vans, it
blends in and can sit on any street unnoticed.
The van can also "look" into vehicles as it
drives by. With its "unique 'drive-by'" techno-
logic capability, it will allow the van operators
to conduct X-ray imaging of "suspect" vehicles and
objects while the Z Van is driven by.

Suppose that a Homeland Security X-ray scan reveals
a dense mass in your car -- which could be any
"organic" material, such as laundry, a baby, a
dog or other pet, groceries, etc.
What will happen?
The Department of Transportation will soon be able
to call on the DOT's proposed Intelligent Trans-
portation Systems, Joint Program Office's "Vehicle-
Infrastructure Integration" (VII) system for help
in stopping a suspected "domestic 'terrorist'".

"The beauty of VII, a communications device, which
automobile manufacturers will soon be installing
in vehicles", says Bill Jones, the technical
director of ITS JPO, "is that it will allow all
vehicles to communicate with the infrastructure."
"In other words, the government and manufacturers
will be working together to track every new auto-
mobile, whether it has been X-rayed or not, in the
United States, and the whole idea," says Jones, "is
that all vehicles would transmit this data to the
infrastructure, and in turn, the infrastructure
would aggregate that data in a database."


Just think about it! The Homeland Security Schutz-
staffien will be tracking you 24/7, while they build
a database, with all of the information they compile
on you -- your speed, your route and destination;
where you were, and when; how many times you
visited an establishment, as well as everything
else associated with travelling in your car.

The DOT project is the civilian counterpart of the
"Combat Zones That See" program, which was developed
by the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects
Agency(DARPA). Noah Shachtman wrote an article for The
Village Voice, which said that in 2003, DARPA was in
the process of instituting a project at Fort Belvoir,
Virginia, whose sole purpose was "to track 90% of all
of cars within a target area for any given 30-minute
period. The routes of one million vehicles would be
stored and retrievable within three seconds." It gives
a whole new meaning to "King of the Road".

In November of 2004, the Transportation Security
Administration used all of the passenger's flight
records, "requested" by George II from all U.S.
airlines -- their credit card numbers, phone
numbers, health information, etc. -- so that the
TSA could give its new Secure Flight System a
trial run. The new system is an update of the
"terrorist" list and "no-fly" list.

After the public outrage caused by airport security
screeners groping women's breast, and fondling
other body parts, the TSA says that pat-downs and
searches will remain a part of airport security
measures in some cases.
The Transportation Security Administration has
started covert operations by subjecting selected
passengers to special screenings, which include
"'pat-down' searches for weapons or other unauth-
orized materials", while at the same time denying
the public the right to know what law(s) authorize
the special screenings.

According to all the royal edicts issued by
George II, all of the Empire's royal subjects
are now ordered to comply with all of the
new regulations, and that these regulations
will remain unknown to the masses. Indeed, they
are forbidden to know!

When the Patriot Act was made into law by George
II after September 11, 2001, it enabled the
Empire to ignore the privacy of all U.S. citizens.

The Empire now has access,(whether they like it or
not), to all students' personal history, library,
bookstore, medical, and financial records, and so on,
and it is illegal for anyone to reveal to the
students that their records have been sought and
turned over to the authorities, and it is prohibited
for students to protest should they find out that
they have been protected by the Homeland Security

The Department of Education has now recommended
that a national registry be set up, and that the
new program would keep track of each and every
one of the approximately sixteen million college
students throughout the Empire, and kept in
another huge database -- and this one will contain
everything from all college students' academic
records, their tuition payments and financial-aid
benefits, their social security numbers, and all
other personal information.

The Empire arrogantly ignores the Geneva
Convention as "inadequate", and openly
employ covert black-ops throughout the
Empire. They have succeeded in keeping the
masses milling in fear, and are encouraging their
royal subjects to become undercover snitches and
peeping toms, and to report everything you see
and hear to the local Homeland Security Schutz-
staffien authorities. The royal subjects are
unwillingly helping the Empire in creating the
Homeland Security State.

The corporate sector is also working with the
Empire in creating the Homeland Security State,
'cause hey, with all of the thick fog of fear
and paranoia that permeates the Empire, there is
an enormous fortune to be made.
With all of the surveillance agencies getting
bloated, and ever growing budgets, there has
been a flood of hi-tech super-spy devices from
the corporate sector, and they make Billions
selling these spy vs spy devices to the
government, and millions from selling them to
the general public.
In 2004, the Homeland Security Department gave out
$675 million to fifty cities throughout the Empire,
and in 2005 it will be about $855 million.

It is no surprise that the District of Cheney
Metropolitan Police Department, the NYPD, the
LAPD, among with many others, are working in
cooperation with the CIA, the NSA, FBI, and
other intelligence and defense agencies of the
Homeland Security State.

It's also no surprise that major urban centres like
Chicago, which is getting $45 million this year from
the Urban Area Security Initiative funds this year;
Los Angeles, which received $61 million; and New York
City, which garnered up a cool $208 million; have
all began implementing wide-ranging, and
increasingly sophisticated covert surveillance systems.

The Chicago system, a program called "Operation
Disruption" consists of at least 80 street sur-
veillance cameras that will send their data to
police officers' laptop computers in squad cars,
and to a central command center, where retired
police officers will monitor all activity."
The ultimate goal of "Operation Disruption"is to
use a grant from the Department of Homeland
Security and city monies to get another 250 new
cameras, and link them to "some 2,000 un-networked
video cameras", which have been installed around
the Chicago area, including the O'Hare International
Airport, to create a network of 2,250 surveillance
cameras throughout the Windy City. "

New York City has recently completed a "major
upgrade" for the city's high-tech crime-tracking
system, Compstat, with the creation of a "Real
Time Crime Fighting Center" to provide "same-day
information" for tracking and analysis purposes.

In 2003, the Homeland Security Department spent
about $257 million in 1,069 separate contracts
to hire security guards and patrol services; and
spent a total of $6.73 billion.
This year the Department of Homeland Security has
a cool $28.9 billion to spend, which includes $67.4
million "to expand the capabilities of the National
Cyber Security Division (NCSD), which implements the
public and private sector partnership protecting cyber
$104.7 million for "Aerial Surveillance and Sensor
Technology" projects; and $340 million for the United
States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology
program (US-VISIT), which "expedites the arrival and
departure of legitimate travelers".

Your Role In The Homeland Security State

Just as it has done in Iraq, Afghanistan, and else-
where, the Empire will wage its war of freedom and
democracy against all "domestic terrorists" to
protect the good citizens from the scourge and
evils of terrorism.
The coalition-of-the-willing, a Homeland Security
complex of federal, local and private partners is
hard at work establishing turf rights, garnering
budgetary increases, and ramping up a new security
paranoia throughout the Empire.

In recently de-classified material, obtained
through the Freedom Of Information Act, it
shows that the FBI had obtained 257.5 million
Passenger Name Records after 9/11, and that the
Homeland Security Department has entered all of
those names into its law enforcement databases.

While Tom Ridge had recommended that all U.S.
passports require fingerprints, OTI, a Fort Lee,
New Jersey-based subsidiary of an Israeli company
"On Track Innovations", was given a contract to
provide electronic passports that utilize a bio-
metrically coded digital photograph, which is
accessed by a proximity reader in the inspection
booth and compared automatically to the face of
the traveller.

In November of 2004, the state California passed
the "DNA Fingerprint, Unsolved Crime and Innocence
Protection Act", which will allow the authorities
to take DNA samples from anyone - adult or juvenile
- convicted of a felony; and, in 2009 the act will
allow police to collect DNA samples from any "suspect"
who is arrested for any "felony", and regardless of
whether or not the person is charged or convicted.
The Homeland Security Department said that the
DNA of one million people, including "innocent
suspects", will be added to California's State
DNA databank by 2009.

The Housing and Urban Development Department has
announced its plans to use the latest in data-
base technologies, which will be used to count
and keep track of homeless people, as well as
storing all personal information on them.
A top-level advisory board has told Donald
Rumsfeld that the Empire has a great need for
state-of-the-art technologic tracking devices
which will be used to identify people by their
unique physical characteristics, such as their
fingerprints, voices, body odor, the way they
walk, eye scans, and so on.
According to the advisory board, this system has
to be linked to a new way of tagging people, which
will help the U.S. military to find enemy combatants
who can escape in a crowd, or disappear into the
maze of city streets.

The Homeland Security Department needs just one
more thing, the cooperation of the royal
subjects. They need you to be their eyes and
ears, they demand your total loyalty, they
want the milling sheeple to remain affable
and compliant, they need you to drive their
tracked-by-GPS-satellite-cars, and so on,
and they will not tolerate any dissent

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What Did You Expect? 08.Feb.2005 11:47


What did you expect? Have fun in the Brave new World! But don't be surprised if it doesn't last that long- Lots of BAD ECOLOGICAL KARMA floating around, and it seems to be a world-wide phenom. Like the old song says: "I left my heart in Krakatoa.."