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Call to Action: Say No to Bush's entire budget request

NOTE: the budget can be downloaded at  http://www.gpoaccess.gov/usbudget/fy06/browse.html -- Be sure to download the Appendix - the budget itself is a puff press release that talks about the glory of the future compassionate society ... that object to all forms of humanity.
What really ticks me off about these so-called "budgets" that . . .are given to the Congress is they will focus on one issue, i.e. the 3% pay raise for the military. Now, the Democrats are against 50 other things in that budget; however, if they vote against the budget (which they are going to do), then the Republican propagandists start with their . . . "The Democrats do not support our military. They do not want to give those that are putting themselves in harm's way a measly 3% raise."

-----quote from a message board on the internet. Source unknown.

Dear Truth-Seeker:

I believe that the budget that was presented to Congress on February 7, 2005, should be sent back to the White House for a do-over. I downloaded that scary piece of legislation and am trying to understand the impact of each and every line item. This is no easy feat, and realistically, I do not expect that I will succeed entirely.

One thing I have noted in my preliminary review of just a couple of executive office department's budget is that in every department's stated goals is something the White House terms, "Creating a Compassionate Society." This is a tool to infuse funding of 'faith-based' groups into every sector of our federal government. This is unconstitutional, period. Yet, the White House has requested and Congress will no doubt pass this bill with a few line item revisions. Transferring millions upon millions of dollars out of the public sector and into the private, religious sector will be the ultimate result - across the board in every agency of the government. In many cases, this transfer of money, authority and oversight from the of, by and for the people government will nullify state rights and oversight of social programs in our communities.

There are far more disturbing trends in this budget. I will not delineate them here. I am not even sure that I, as a layperson with no legislative staff to call upon, can even begin to understand the full extent of the ramifications of this 'budget,' which is clearly a turbo-charged effort to institute sweeping and, I fear, irreversible, attempt to restructure our society.

I believe the quote referenced above says it all. It won't really matter to the GOP-controlled Congress and White House if the more reality-based democratic minority manages to change some line items in the legislative vetting process. The American public will be given a few highlights and will witness a few skirmishes amongst our lawmakers, and there will even be some 'in depth' analyses of some budget provisions. If this bill passes in any form, I believe that our country will be completely lost. By 'our country,' I am referring to the country that has developed for 2 centuries with much compromise, give and take but mostly, a country where individuals had been able to chart their own course in life - life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness stuff. I believe that this 'compassionate society' that the ideologues who control our government is very close to what Orwell warned us against. For instance, one budget provision will be to have a complete electronic record of every American within the next 10 years.

I could rant on and on about my concerns about this budget. But I will not do this. I feared very much what would happen if Bush, Jr. had a second term. I have been horrified by everything that has come out of the White House the past four years, but I knew that if ideologues got to retain government control for another four years, that they would move at lightning speed to effect sweeping and oppressive social 'reforms.' And this budget is proof of that my fears were not unwarranted. I see progressives discussing this budget with astuteness... . and working to effect a strategy to combat the most egregious budget requests. This strikes me as insane --- taking a budget bill that across the board is an affront to any free, wealthy and industrialized country and trying to rig it into something 'acceptable'? It cannot be done. This budget needs to be rejected in its entirety. We must say, "no" to the bullying ideologues that control our country. And I believe that one strategy for rejecting it is on the unconstitutional use of non-profit religious organizations as the provider of social services that remain outside of Congressional oversight. What sort of Congressional oversight could be had to determine if a ABC Faith, Inc. is delivering mandated and funded services to X population of needy Americans?

The judiciary has become a mockery in this country. The Congress is nothing more than an expensive mirage that is used to hide the man behind the green curtain. The press is a biased ring-leader in the bread and circuses brigade. We have lost the very foundation of this country - our constitution. We have lost all moral standing amongst all countries outside of our borders. We are broke. Our high paying jobs are lost forever to third world nations. Corporate corruption and corporate welfare are now protected by law, yet individual Americans are literally left out in the cold.

It was so difficult, if not impossible, in the last election to get the ear and objectivity of millions of Americans as they danced like whirling dervishes, taken over by the national fever of 'god, guns, flags, and country." It is as if we have turned every day into SuperBowl Sunday for millions. The bread and circuses brigade has succeeded. But I believe that this budget - that strikes to the core of every community in this country is our opportunity to help America break its nationalistic fever. We are talking about small farmers being finally run out of town so that the corporate plan of controlling the food supply can fashion its final foothold; we are talking about single mothers who somehow weathered Clinton's welfare-to-work program to maintain jobs now losing their jobs because the childcare subsidies will vanish; we are talking about losing first responders due to budget cuts - gone will be the day when you could dial 911 and expect a response; we are talking about unattainable healthcare in the most medically advanced country in the world (What good does a $3,000 healthcare tax cut do to a single mom of three who ultimately pays pennies in federal taxes? She has nothing to deduct from!). Oh, I could go on and on. But the most heinous loss will be the loss of the protections of the U.S. Constitution as our beacon.

I am afraid. Very, very afraid. We must give a resounding "nea" to this entire program that is set to dismantle the nation as we have known it. Now that the ideologues who control this country have finally set their eyes on invading America, we have a chance to open the eyes, ears and hearts of fellow countrymen. But we the people must do this in concert. I refuse to believe that the progressives in this country cannot organize because of our 'diverse' interests. Our interests are identical: social and economic justice for all.

How can we jostle the national whirling dervishes, who are, I should add, our family members, classmates, neighbors, employers, employees and get their attention long enough to alert them to the dangers of this incursion by madmen into our lives?

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Analysis 08.Feb.2005 10:41

Puter Dude

I'm trying to go through this budget too. When you are done going through it, please post some specifics about it, because it takes a long time to go through.

The budget is a webbed morass of hell! 08.Feb.2005 10:55


I will come back and post details of the budget. You do the same. But, honestly, if we are going to be able to speak intelligently about it... I am afraid we will need a national coalition of progressives to band together to outline it.