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FREE TALK: GE Food and Europe

The United States is out on a limb when it comes to policy concerning genetic engineering. Unlike the US, Europe has had a five year moratorium on GE crops. Moreover, the people there are very much aware of the issue and actively lobby to keep it out of their kitchens.

This Wednesday the Food for Thought Cafe and NW RAGE will host Antje Lorch, a European scientist opposed to genetically engineered crops. Why not join us on your lunch hour?
Join us for a European perspective on the issue of genetic engineering.

Antje Lorch speaks on GMOs and Europe

Wednesday February 9th
Cost: Free

Food may be purchased at the cafe, located in the basement of the Smith Center Building - Portland State University.

Topics covered will include... - the state of GM crops in Europe, compared to the US
- the WTO cases: the US government against the EU
- GMO risk assessment in the US and the EU
- the EU after the 1998-2004 moratorium: the political debates about new GM crops, GMO free regions, the biggest supermarket chains going GMO free

See  http://www.upa.pdx.edu/SP/ for directions and info about the Food For Thought cafe.

To read some of Antje's articles, check  http://www.ifrik.org

See you there!

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