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Agua es para la gente, not Coca-cola

How does Coca-cola claim ownership of aquifers under las montanas de Chiapas? CEIPAC is organizing a campaign contra Coca-cola for the negative effects on health of the community.
Diabetes is linked with Coca-cola (and Pepsi), the refined sugars of high fructose corn syrup found in C-c cause a spike in the insulin. Studies show an increase in diabetes after communites begin drinking C-c/Ppsi..

Plan Puebla Panama is another extension of NAFTA/CAFTA that attempts to force indigenous peoples of Chiapas/Oaxaca/other off their lands so corporations can exploit the resources, whether agua in the example of C-C/Ppsi or biodiverse bosques (forests) lost to genetically engineered plantation monocultura tree farms in the example of International Paper and Mexican biotech giant Grupo Pulsar..

That the people who live in the Lacandon rainforest (selva) were able to coexist with their ecosystem for thousands of years with no major environmental catastrophe is irrelevent to these corporations fixated on short term profit..

The aquifers in the montanas of Chiapas contain the last remaining pure water in Mexico (the springs of nortenos dried up from rio Colorado diversion), a life supplying stream of natural energy that doesn't belong to anyone. Contaminating this water by allowing Coca-cola to take this pure agua and combine high fructose corn syrup to put in an aluminum can (what is the effect on aluminum mining on groundwater?) is an insult to nature. The military has the people of Chiapas living in fear looking into the barrels of the military's guns (US weapons suppliers?) while they struggle to survive..

Meanwhile back in the USA Coca-cola enters underfunded public schools and contributes to the diabetes of American children. Small world, eh?

Please join in the Coca-cola/Pepsi boicot and tell these corporations the people want their water pure without high fructose GE corn syrup..

CIEPAC's boicot coca-cola pagina;



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