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rewritting history ORDO AB CHAOS

what do Albert PIKE Abraham LINCOLN Andrew JOHNSON & John wilkes BOOTH have in COMMON?
February 07, 2005 - 05:22 AM
04 Pike Johnson Booth Lincoln

How did Albert Pike and other member 's of the Freemasonry and the illuminati set up Lincoln to be killed and allow Johnson to propagate chaos and stupidity upon America?

December 29, 1809 the birth of Albert Pike who was a poet, philosopher, frontiersman, soldier, humanitarian and philanthropist. He was head of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, a 33rd degree Mason 1859 -1891.

1862 President Abraham Lincoln appointed Andrew Johnson Military Governor of Tennessee.
In 1865 Pike was in Canada, the former brigadier general in the Confederate Army had gone there since he was not included in Lincoln's Amnesty Proclamation.
It might be well to note that Lincoln was not a Mason. And that he died for it.

March 4, 1865. Republican Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson are inaugurated
He was elected Vice President of the United States on the National Union ticket headed.

April 14, 1865 Abraham Lincoln goes to the Ford Theatre. John F. Parker a member of Washington's Metropolitan Police Force, was Mr. Lincoln's bodyguard the night of the shooting. However he was nowhere to be found, and John Wilkes Booth shoots Abraham Lincoln.

April 15, 1865, Johnson becomes President of the United States upon the death of Abraham Lincoln.

Let 's look at the truth.
"Approximately 7 hours before shooting the President, Booth dropped by the Washington hotel, which was Vice-President Andrew Johnson's residence. Upon learning from the desk clerk that neither Johnson nor his private secretary, William A. Browning, was in the hotel, Booth wrote the following note: "Don't wish to disturb you Are you at home? J. Wilkes Booth." Browning testified before the military court that he found the note in his box later that afternoon.
Just who may or may not have been involved with Booth has been the subject of profound speculation among writers, historians, and others for over 130 years now.
He was the first Vice President to succeed to the U.S. Presidency upon the assassination of a President and the third to succeed upon the death of a President. "

Let 's put a closer eye on Johnson.

A.J. takes over and sets up Pike to come back to the US and for the ORDER OUT OF CHAOS to become the patent of our disappearing future.

A.J. "handed out pardons enabling most members of the old planter class and many Confederate leaders to reemerge in power on the state level. Almost all of these states imposed severe laws that limited the freedom of former slaves. Known as "black codes," these laws required, with variations in each state, former slaves to carry permits on their body when off plantations, to observe curfews in town, and to have signed contracts of employment by the end of January or be arrested as vagrants. "
August 30, 1865
Andrew Johnson gives Albert Pike a formal pardon.
Pike then becomes an associate justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court.

I have 2 letters in the gallery from Albert Pike 033 freemason, asking "others "to come join him in Washington DC in February and April of 1866 for reasons of life and death.
Where members of the Freemason 's will be cursed and unveiled.

What was going down in and around Washington DC in 1866?

February 1866
President Johnson vetoes the freedman's bureau bill.
The bill is passed over President Johnson's veto.
Tension was heightened by the President 's pointed speech on Washington 's Birthday in which he denounced two leading Radicals,
Senator Charles Sumner and Representative Thaddeus Stevens.
Both men became early and persistent advocates of Johnson 's impeachment.
Also there were no full moons in Feb. of 1866.
January and March having two full moons.
The last time that happened was 1999.
March 3, 1865
The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, popularly known as the Freedmen's Bureau or (mistakenly) the Freedman's Bureau, was established by Congress and administered by the United States Department of War, and headed by Union general Oliver O. Howard.
March 15, 1866
"Mary Todd Lincoln felt Johnson was involved.
She wrote to her friend, Sally Orne: "...that, that miserable inebriate Johnson, had cognizance of my husband's death - Why, was that card of Booth's, found in his box, some acquaintance certainly existed - I have been deeply impressed, with the harrowing thought, that he, had an understanding with the conspirators & they knew their man... As sure, as you & I live, Johnson, had some hand, in all this..."

March 27, 1866
President Johnson vetoed the civil rights bill, which made freedmen citizens without the right of suffrage.

April 1866
Congress passes Civil Rights Act and Freedmen's Bureau renewal over President Johnson's veto.
Albert Pike conferred the title of 32nd degree Scottish rite freemason to Johnson.

April 16th In Norfolk, Virginia, freedmen parading to celebrate the passage of the Civil Rights Act are attacked by whites, touching off a race riot that leaves 5 dead.

April 30,
Thaddeus Stevens introduced the Fourteenth Amendment to Constitution; it was ratified on July 9, 1868.

July 25 1866
The U.S. Congress passes legislation authorizing the rank of General of the Army (now called "5-star general") Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant becomes the first to have this rank

Look here to see how the curse infected many people.

President Andrew Johnson 1865 -1869

Vice President None

Secretary of State William H. Seward 1865 -1869

Secretary of the Treasury Hugh McCulloch 1865 -1869

Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton 1865 -1867 John M. Schofield 1868 -1869

Attorney General James Speed 1865 -1866 Henry Stanberry 1866 -1868 William M. Evarts 1868 -1869
Postmaster General William Dennison 1865 -1866 Alexander Randall 1866 -1869

Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles 1865 -1869

Secretary of the Interior John P. Usher 1865 James Harlan 1865 -1866 Orville H. Browning 1866 -1869


1866 -- Ku Klux Klan formed in secrecy.


"Diaries of Bakers and Booth's, gave parallel accounts of the assassination. Both implicated, even boasted of a secret government council (the Scottish Rite), which in the interests of the British Crown has bound a nation, the United States of America, for over a century. (Gen. Baker's coded diaries, incidentally, were written in the margins of a British military journal; Colburn's United Service Magazine/Naval and Military Journal.) The coded book, its messages written in a sliding cipher, revealed that the true killers were led by Lincoln's most trusted military advisor in the Civil War: Edwin McMasters Stanton. "There are too many hands in this. There are doctors, lawyers, judges, notaries public, people who have sworn by affidavit or in a letter that this material is legitimate."

Neff has donated the thousands of historical documents and photographs he collected during his research to the I.S.U. library.

That research began more than 50 years ago. It started in college, when he wrote a paper about one of his ancestors who was a Confederate officer. It continued into adulthood. "
"In 1957, Neff was browsing a specialty bookshop in Philadelphia. He found an 1864 volume of "Colburn's United Service Magazine and Military Journal" and bought it. "

"Neff discovered notations apparently written in cipher along the inner margins of some pages. He also discovered a date -- "2-5-68." One of the pages also contained the faint signature of Lafayette C. Baker. Baker was head of the National Detective Police -- a precursor to the FBI. "

"Neff took the book to a cryptography expert, who decoded the message. It read, in part: "In new Rome there walked three men, a Judas, a Brutus and a spy. Each planned that he should be the king when Abraham should die." Other parts of the message implicated high-level U.S. officials as having foreknowledge of the plot against Lincoln. Discovering the coded message ignited a fascination with Lincoln's assassination. "
"About seven years later, the modus operandi described in that book was revisited in the Kennedy assassination. The infamous Lincoln and Kennedy parallels, for instance, are uncanny until you realize it was a ritual, copycat murder-- literally, and performed by the same secret society of traitors. The Lincoln and Kennedy murders were both bipartisan Masonic coups; and the masterminds in both assassinations belonged to the same Scottish Rite; which in turn, is controlled by Great Britain, the English Crown. "
"This aforementioned international secret society, the largest, has its headquarters temple in Washington DC, and curiously, it presently houses the crypt of Confederate Gen. Albert Pike. "
"Much like we would see in 1963 in the Kennedy assassination; in 1865 at least two newspapers would publish highly detailed stories of the Lincoln assassination several hours before it ever took place. Moreover, in 1868 Lafayette Baker would confess in his coded diary that at least three newspaper publishers were involved, through blood money and disinformation, in the plot to kill Lincoln. Thus we move from the publishers' lucky premonition to outright foreknowledge and complicity. This, too, was a betrayal of the public's trust, which the mass media repeated in 1963, but continues to maintain-- particularly through the New York Times (JFK) and the Los Angeles Times (RFK). "

And again we had it with Bush and Gore and Bush and Kerry ... . Hmmmm.

Do you see it? Now look in photos from 033 pages 13-15.


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