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'Popular Mechanics' readies major hit piece against 9/11 skeptics

"We as a society accept the basic premise that a group of Islamist terrorists hijacked four airplanes and turned them into weapons against us. ... Sadly, the noble search for truth is now being hijacked by a growing army of conspiracy theorists." - James Meigs, appointed editor of Popular Mechanics in May 2004 (formerly of Premiere Magazine), trashes skeptics of the official story of 9/11/01 as irresponsible disgracers of the memories of victims.
James Meigs, appointed editor of Popular Mechanics
James Meigs, appointed editor of Popular Mechanics
Popular Mechanics Attacks Its "9/11 LIES" Straw Man
by Jim Hoffman
Version 1.0, February 7, 2005

The Hearst-owned Popular Mechanics magazine takes aim at the 9/11 Truth Movement with a cover story in its March 2005 edition. Sandwiched between ads and features for monster trucks, Nascar paraphenelia, and off-road racing are twelve dense and brilliantly designed pages purporting to debunk the myths of 9/11.

The article's approach is to identify the 9/11 skeptics movement with a series of mostly physical-evidence issues, while entirely ignoring vast bodies of evidence that only insiders had the means, motive, and opportunity to carry out the attack.

The article gives no hint of the put options on the targeted airlines, warnings received by government and corporate officials, complicit behavior by top officials, obstruction of justice by a much larger group, or obvious frauds in the official story. Instead it attacks a mere 16 claims of its choosing, which it asserts are the "most prevalent" among "conspiracy theorists." The claims are grouped into themes which cover some of the subjects central to the analysis of 9-11 Research. However, for each theme, the article presents specious claims to divert the reader from understanding the issue. For example, the three pages devoted to attacking the Twin Towers' demolition present three red-herring claims and avoid the dozens of points I feature in my presentations, such as the Twin Towers' Demolition.

homepage: homepage: http://911research.wtc7.net/

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love to know how that article came about... 07.Feb.2005 21:00


you would think that as many people as possible would want to distance themselves from potential obstruction of justice charges or accessory cover-up charges, ya think?

right on 08.Feb.2005 01:46


"Popular Mechanics" can now justifiably be called "Bogus Mechanics".

James Meigs the coward and traitor 08.Feb.2005 04:11

eyes closed tight

Hey James, hope you get this message on a google search, what do you say to the family members who don't buy the coverup story and want to know the truth? You just spit in their faces. Get your ass to Iraq and go hunt the "terrorists" tough guy.

For The Record 08.Feb.2005 04:49

M. Kato

Jim Hoffman does excellent work, but he should do some maintenance on his web site. He was informed some time ago that, with regard to the put options, Merrill Lynch never occupied 22 floors of the World Trade Center. His section on the put options still states that Merrill was a WTC tenant.

In fact, it never occupied any floors of any building in the World Trade Center complex. It did on 911 (and still does) occupy the entire building of 4 World Financial Center and several floors of 2 World Financial Center. The World Financial Center is located to the west of of the WTC site and a number of its building were damaged by the attacks.

Parenthetically, 4WFC was the least damaged of the four buildings, although Merrill Lynch was forced to find alternative facilities for several months until the WFC could be reopened for use. The excessive activity in ML put options contracts prior to the attacks would, then, have to be coincidental. The put options activity in Citigroup, on the other hand, whose American Express unit occupied floors at 3 WFC - most heavily damaged in the attacks - did not experience a similar spike in contract volume.

Whereas, the action in the UAL, AAR, and Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter puts is highly suspect, the Merrill spike seems coincidental. In fact, due to the disruption in trading and the uncertainty of markets after the attacks, most financial stocks were down when trading reopened. It would have been "wiser" for an insider to have bet against the DOW average than Merrill Lynch in particular, since the entire market took a dive after 911.

Jim should correct this error, since it only serves to weaken the argument that insiders had profited from the attacks.

Laughably, the 911 commission addressed this issue (or, rather summarily dismissed it), in one paragraph of chapter 5 and three accompanying footnotes, and concluded that there was "...no evidence that anyone with advance knowledge of the attacks profited through securities transactions."

link please 08.Feb.2005 11:56


>>Jim Hoffman does excellent work, but he should do some maintenance on his web site.

His site is massive and he does constant maintenance, however, he is human, and everyone with massive sites is capable of missing a few things, having typos, etc.

>>He was informed some time ago that, with regard to the put options, Merrill Lynch never occupied 22 floors of the World Trade Center. His section on the put options still states that Merrill was a WTC tenant.

Could you post a link to that info?

Maybe 08.Feb.2005 12:03

Dumb American

Popular mechanics can explain WTC7 better then FEMA can.


Popular Semantix 08.Feb.2005 13:14


No shock here. PM has been fronting for Northrop, Grumman, Teledyne, Raytheon et. al. for a long time. It should be called "Poular War Technology" as their leading features are more often than not an advertisement for the latest US weaponry. (especially aircraft). They're the perfect outlet for disinfo from above. (Or below if you wish)

Reader? 08.Feb.2005 13:57


Ruppert got the Merrill Lynch location information right. Go to copvcia.com/free/ww3/10_09_01_krongard.html

MCO and RPM, perfect together. 08.Feb.2005 23:33

Collin Baber roach747@yahoo.com

Let's consider the way the police would normally investigate it:

M: Motive, who or whom would want to take the buildings down?
C: Capability, who would have the personnel, financial or other tools to make it happen?
O: Opportunity, who would be able to identify and seize the window of time-space?

Now, the way we've been told about it:

R: Rationalize, "They hate our freedoms."
P: Project, "They are evil."
M: Minimize, - 19 Hijackers.

The official explanation simply does not jive.

Any theorization to the cause of the tragedy would naturally be a theory.
Any more than two personas (conspirators) would make it a conspiracy.
Until the cause of the tragedy is resolved, we need more "conspiracy theories."

Media bias and political expedience 09.Feb.2005 07:03

RIchard Wilkinson


Media bias and political expedience. The link from 2001 should self explanatory. Seems editors are chosen for compliance these days. much has been written by conspiracy nuts and scientist. Burning jet fuel won't melt steel girders.

Yes, everyone who disagrees with us is WRONG!! 09.Feb.2005 09:22

New Yorker

Yes, everyone who disagrees with us is WRONG!! Popular mechanics, Noam Chomsky, NYC Indymedia, the whole lot of em!! Only we are RIGHT even if we have aboslutely no conclusive evidence to back up what we are saying.

"Seems editors are chosen for compliance these days." 09.Feb.2005 12:05


Great Quotes - Whats Wrong with the Mainstream Media

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone
of any significance in the major media."
- William Colby, former director of the CIA

"Any dictator would admire the uniformity
and obedience of the media"
- Noam Chomsky

"The empires of the future are the empires of the mind."
- Winston Churchill

"Truth is the greatest of all national possessions.
A state, a people, a system which suppresses the truth
or fears to publish it, deserves to collapse."
- Kurt Eisner

"Whoever controls the media--the images--controls the culture."
- Allen Ginsberg

"We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things
the general public does not need to know, and shouldn't.
I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take
legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press
can decide whether to print what it knows."
- Katherine Graham, late owner of the Washington Post, in a speech to CIA recruits in 1988.

Racing Fans 09.Feb.2005 13:15

waking up

There is a targeted audience that this article is directed at. Popular Mechanics is not arguing for readers of the internet. We already have access to many viewpoints and can search both sides of the debate and reach our own conclusions. As a matter of fact, many already have taken positions on 9-11 and they will not be persuaded by the gate keepers. A powerful political southern bloc represented by the NASCAR crowd still holds dear the ideals outlined in the Bill of Rights and have no love for centralized government authority. They never developed a misty fond remembrance of trustworthy big brother. You can blame it on unresolved issues dating back to the civil war. Perhaps they never fell for the "it was all about slavery" lie. They knew it was about individual autonomy versus the power of government.The NASCAR crowd are now asking serious questions of this secretive government's war on terror and waking up to its war on the citizens. 9-11 is the key issue for them right now and the amen committe of the monopoly media is in serious propaganda mode. The official government LIE holds no weight in the open dialoge of the internet.

Three year 9/11 investigator 09.Feb.2005 20:30

Woytowieh georgealko@earthlink.net

It is alledged one Barbara Olson made a cell phone call from the 757, an alledged flight AA77 that is alledged to have hit the Pentagon. In that call she indicated that the passengers were moved to the rear of the aircraft. Moving 58 alledged passengers and 5 alledged hijackers is a shift in weight towards the rear of the aircraft of at least 6 and 1/2 tons. This is quite significant, moving the aircraft well into a region of dynamic instability. The center of gravity of the aircraft is moved well aft and creates a problem with the distribution of forces supporting the flying aircraft. While this might be a managable problem for a qualified pilot at the controls, it doesnt at all seem to be manageable by any unqualified pilot. In addition, its just another of the proofs that the actual impact aircraft was under radio control, which I think it was. An aircraft under radio control can be easy stressed beyond the limits of structural tolerance of the aircraft and the physical tolerance of the pilot. The air traffic controller said the radar projected an impression that it must have been a military/fighter type aircraft, the implication being that no civil aircraft flies with that profile ( or path) . In one other alledgedly hijacked aircraft on that 9/11 day, an alledged phone call stated the same, that the passengers were all shifted to the rear. I believe the Olson phonecall never took place or was faked. Sorry, but i just don't buy it.

911 Truth Movement Prevails 09.Feb.2005 21:21

Sojourner Truth

As the saying goes: Those who know, and know that they know, they are wise; follow them! Michael Ruppert, David Ray Griffin, and the many others who have published the websites and written the books exposing the truth that the 9/11/01 bombings were a Reichstag Fire, know that they know, and we are all with them because we all have done our homework and know the 911 Truth Movement is right.

We had the same routine with the Kennedy Assasinations, both perpetrated by the US government. All kinds of government mouthpieces and mass marketed publications were used to promote the government's lies, and they all have failed because it is clearly obvious that the government lied about the Kennedy Assasinations, as well as the Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Assassinations, all perpetrated by the US Government, and lied about the 9/11/01 Reichstag Fire.

When the latest idiot hit piece, this time from Popular Mechanics, is online, we all would like a point by point refutation we can use to teach the ignorant, namely those who know that they know not, and are willing and able to be taught the facts of the 9/11/01 Hoax, perpetrated by the US government, with the planes used all on automatic pilot, guided by the US military, with VP Cheney at the controls in the White House Bunker, and the Twin Towers and Building 7 brought down by construction explosives, and the Pentagon was damaged by construction explosives. The US military shot down the plane over Pennsylvania. There are thousands of other details, but for now, this is sufficient for the basic reality.

Being from the legal world, I have only one small request: Please spell allege correctly. It might help if you remember it is related to allegation. I know English is mind-boggling, but allege is the verb; allegation is the noun. And we are no longer alleging the basic position of the 9/11/01 Truth Movement:

It is a fact that the 9/11/01 Reichstag Fire was perpetrated by the US government to promote war and fascism so as to maximize the profits of the capitalist class, exactly the same reasons as the Nazi Germans burned down their government building, the Reichstag. Georgi Dimitrov, a Bulgarian communist, won his acquittal when he proved to the world that the Nazis, not he and his fellow Bulgarian communists, burned down the Reichstag.

The continuation of the legacy of Nazi Germany to Nazi USA is also with the horrifying appointments of fascists Condi Rice and Alberto Gonzales, approved by the twin parties of capitalism, the Democrats and Republicans.

The response must be a labor movement, and with this attack on Social Security, along with everything else we need, the superstitious anti-abortion idiot in the White House has managed to unite his enemies and divide his friends.

History is with us! We shall win!

Viva! 09.Feb.2005 21:34


Viva La Bam!

9/11 Pentagon Crash Flash Presentation 10.Feb.2005 06:59

Matt Marriott

9/11 Pentagon Crash Flash: CIA/NSA sets new milestone in BIG LIE technique for alarmed Feb. 2005

What I wrote two weeks after 11 September 2001:
"Test if a site propagates the government's story that a jet airliner full of passengers hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.
This is the easiest test to find out if an "alternative" news site is controlled by the CIA/NSA.
If the site claims that a jet airliner full of passengers hit the Pentagon THEN it is controlled.
Please notice that if it claims it didn't it starts looking good, but that doesn't mean that it already passed the test..."

The flash presentation at
sets a new frontier on the 9/11 usage of what I described here (chapter The BIG LIE framework):
"to calm down troubled minds (with more difficulties to believe the BIG LIE), alibi alternatives are unofficially presented. To make these self cooked "conspiracy theories" and the associated alibi alternatives more credible, parts of the lie will be revealed. In the extreme case almost everything, to make the troubled minds believe the rest (the objective of the big lie)."

Witnesses saw a commercial jet approach and hit the building 10.Feb.2005 15:08


Likely there were explosives involved, but likely NOT

a missile
a fighter jet
a small plane
no plane


Numerous points based on the physical evidence of the crash site seem to make an overwhelming cumulative case against a 757 having crashed there, provided one ignores the eyewitness evidence. However, most of these points involve some error in evaluating the evidence. Those errors include the following.
A Boeing 757 could not have executed the attack maneuver.

Eyewitnesses saw a small plane.

The Pentagon attack left no aircraft debris.

Aircraft crashes always leave large debris.

The Pentagon attack left only a small impact hole.

The wings of a 757 should have been visible outside the Pentagon.

Engine parts from the Pentagon crash don't match a 757.

Standing columns in the Petagon impact hole preclude the crash of a 757.

The C-ring punch-out hole was made by a warhead.


popular mechanics is fucked up! 11.Feb.2005 09:02


am i the only one that notices that headlines every month are something like "THE NEW TERROR WEAPON THAT WILL BE USED TO WIPE OUT OUR CITIES!" or "U.S NAVY'S PLAN FOR LIBERATING THE OCEANS!!"

Popular Mechanics is up there with the USA today and NY post as a fear-peddling mag.

None of this matters 11.Feb.2005 22:42


None of this matters about the mechanics of it all .. what now matters is the fact that the Bush regime (Straussian Fascists) were warned over and over again .. or worse aloud it to happen or even bought off people to make it happen. Can Popular Mechanics address Rice's pamphlet to Baby Bush "Bin Laden determined to strike in the US" or the 52 warnings that terrorists were determined to hijack planes with the goal of a big explosion or the FBI protection of an inform from Robert Graham or the Project of a New American Century and its claim for the need of a new Pearl Harbor or the other strange undertakings of this secretive regime who appear more and more like they ordered the attacks on Sept 11th.

Bogus Theory 12.Feb.2005 07:49

Americus Fernando Henshawe MA

It is nothing short of astonishing that people like this author of the hit piece from Popular Mechanics can accept the most bald faced Conspiracy Theory of them all, that which has been started by the US Government and the complicit US Media!
The evidence is overwhelming and conclusive, high officials of the US government and the US military are in fact complicit in ALL the events of 9/11. End of story, deal with it and we can prosecute these individuals for treason and murder!

MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN. 15.Feb.2005 21:47



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