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who's sponsoring fascism in pdx?

aznar and brzezinski visit portland as distinguished guests...why?
two speakers of interest (for neo-cons) and opposition (for those 'ben franklin' fighters for the republic) are scheduled to speak in portland in the next month. first up, jose maria aznar, bush's bed-buddy and co-conspirator to destabilize iraq's sovereignty with perpetual irregular warfare. aznar pulls the samual hunntington 'clash of civilizations' line as 'distinguished scholar' at georgetown university. he's speaking tuesday, feb. 8, 7pm. at the arlene shnitzer concert hall. then, one month later, mr. ziggy brzezinski, our favorite sponsor of nation-state destabilization is speaking on march 10, same location.
both events are sponsored by the "World Affairs Council of Oregon" (out of lewis and clark college, i believe). who's behind the sponsorship of explicitly fascist speakers in portland?

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Here it is 07.Feb.2005 18:35


The list of sponsors for the speaking series is listed on the website, heres the list and the site
Evergreen International Aviation

Lufthansa German Airlines

Maybelle Clark MacDonald Fund

Nike, Inc.

The Oregonian


Portland State University

Wells Fargo Bank

Cascade Corporation


The Mark Spencer Hotel

Ted Wheeler & Portland Youthworks

CIA Front Company 08.Feb.2005 02:44

the agency

Hmm, how funny to find:

Evergreen International Aviation

involved in doing lectures for the public.
That CIA front company usually spends its time ferrying weapons and mercenaries around.
They must have decided to start working for the better good and edj'cating people, just like FUX News does.

Get Ready for Richard Perle in Portland, the Real Amerikan Fascist. 08.Feb.2005 09:41


You forgot about the worst real fascist to be visiting Stumptown soon. That's Richard perle, one of the true neo-con Amerikan Empire fascist authors of Shrub's current invasion and occupation of Afghanistan & Iraq, soon to include Iran, Syria and more.

Perle debates Howard Dean
Tom McCall Forum / PORTLAND
Thu, 02/17/2005 - 8:00pm
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

This is the event that all progressive folks should go out and picket.

Yes, Aznar and Brzezinski are very bad guys. But they have far less actual influence in current affairs than Perle. This guy is the chairman of the Defense Policy Board, an advisory panel to the Pentagon made up of leading conservative figures in national security and defense which laid the groundwork for overthrowing Saddam through military means. He previously served as assistant secretary of defense for international security policy in the Reagan Administration.

Perle is a freakin' war criminal, pure & simple.

And he's coming to Portland.

Perle info is a bit stale 08.Feb.2005 13:09

Toe Tag

Perle resigned the chair of the Defense Policy Board after Sy Hersh published a piece in the New Yorker pointing out some significant conflicts of interest on Perle's part. Perle swore he'd sue Hersh for defamation, but I don't think he got around to it. And he resigned from the Board altogether about a year ago.

Perle is still Perle 08.Feb.2005 16:55


Perle nontheless is still a vital architect of the current regime's powerplays.

He remains a war criminal of the first rank.

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