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Demand Ramsey Clark Desist Saddam Defense

By Majdur Travail TUCSON, Feb 6.—(Al-Masakin) The news that Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General and lawyer for the Trotskyite Worker's World Party (WWP), on behalf of the leftist International ANSWER—a WWP front group—is not only sad and misguided it is diametrically opposed to the socialist concepts of national sovereignty, self-determination, and is fundamentally hostile to all Muslims.
Demand Ramsey Clark Desist Saddam Defense [PDF]
Demand Ramsey Clark Desist Saddam Defense [PDF]
WWP, and Clark, pronounced their unprincipled stance against all Muslims when they denied the Srebrenica massacre and pledged their political loyalty to the war criminal Slobodan Milosovich. Although WWP, through Clark, denied political fealty to Milosovich under the pretext of opposing US imperialism, as they did when they adhered to Saddam Hussein during the 1st US - Iraq war, the other shoe drops when WWP supposes to defend Saddam Hussein against the sovereign right of the Iraqi people.

WWP might have made the case for the defense of Saddam if the US Occupation Authority were to be the triers of fact in the Saddam case. In this case, however, the suspected war criminal, and fascist dictator, Saddam Hussein, will not be tried in the World Court or in any imperialist sponsored court. He will not be tried by the US Occupation Authority, but by the Iraqi people, in an Iraqi court, and under Iraqi national sovereignty.

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Wait a minute there... 07.Feb.2005 11:12


Iraq? Sovereign?!?! Governned by its people?!?

Put down that crack pipe!

Like "Hello, it´s an occupied country!!" Not many of those are sovereign, and I suspect the present Prime Minister of Iraq represents the Iraqi people like Diem represented the Vietnamese people. The election was held under total military lockdown of the country, do you think that would frighten resistance supporters from taking to the polls if they had wanted to?

Compared to that situation, George Dubya is an elected president! Hah!

Whos defending who from who 07.Feb.2005 12:37


I'm surprised the bushies haven't arrested Clark for treason yet. He knows the lies they told to get him arrested in the first place.


US Government Interests 07.Feb.2005 12:55


With respect to the Saddam case, the US State Department's interest is to remove Saddam from Iraq and possible arranging a land of exile for Saddam--as George Bush himself has suggested several times both before the war began and after. Iran has very strong claims against Saddam and has a rightful interest in Saddam's trial. It is the widely held opinion that the main question wih resepct to Muslim sovereignty that Saddam remain in Iraq and that US moves to relocate Saddam or insinuate itself into the Saddam case. It is imperative that moves by the American regime to EITHER defend or prosecute Saddam be opposed.

Furthermore, the west is continiously trumpeting the false belief that Muslims do not understand justice. This rhetoric not only dehumanizes us, but also creates the pretext for the US Occupation Authority and western imperialist nations to insinuating themselves into Saddam's trial, what we consider to be a intrusion on Iraqi sovereignty in particular and Muslim sovereignty in general.

Not only this, but Ramsey Clark, and the WWP, has been hostile to Muslims in the past as the Soviet Union and the current Central Asian republics were and are.

Occupation or not, the general mood is that the election is as valid as it could have been under the current circumstances, better now than never, and representative of the will of the former oppressed majority. The insurrgency must be brought under control and this will not happen without an elected Iraqi government. Make no mistake that we believe that the Al-Zarqawi organization must be stopped. As an extension of the previous Saddam Hussein dictatorship, their recent actions in murdering their fellow Iraqi citizens speak for themselves. It is only a continuation of Saddam's brutally fascist mentality. The world has seen these people murder worshipers, foreign aid workers, tourists, and journalists. We believe that this is morre than mere treason against the Iraqi nation, but an offense against God. Their actions are unrepresntative of the name "Islam", though they are Muslims themselves. thus we also believe that we Muslims are the best equipped to deal with the problem of Saddam and of the Al-Zarqawi organization.

Ramsey Clark's insinuation into this also signals a political link between WWP, Saddam, and the Al-Zarqawi organization, which is being aided through the Saddam Hussein Denfense Committee in Jordan. Aid the WWP defense of Saddam not only validates Saddam in the eyes of the American left, but also distances the left from the side they need to be on which is with the Iraqi people and also with Iran.

At the very least, we insist that both Iranian and Iraqi governement officials be consulted before moves to defend Saddam are undertaken.


Furthermore 07.Feb.2005 13:17


If you recall, the Shah of Iran was snatched from justice by Jimmy Carter himself. Carter was a personal friend of his and was one of a time handful of people that went to the Shah's funeral (of literally about 6 people). The Shah of Iran was the most hated man in the world after Hitler.

It is of a very great concern to the Muslim world that this not be repeated in the Saddam case.

FYI: The Shah's wife the Empress Farah and the Shah's son both live in the United States.

Empres Farah webpage:

Is Al-Zarqawi alive? 07.Feb.2005 16:21


From what I understand Al-Zarqawi was reported as dead a few years ago by either Newsweek or the New York Times--not sure of the source. And yet he has emerged as the leader of the insurgency. There have been many psyops operations performed by the CIA and other military intelligence, including Abu Gharib actions, the beheading of Nicholar Berg and I would imagine other kidnappings and assasinations being attributed to "insurgents". Where is the proof that Mr. Al-Zarqawi is alive and responsible for these actions? Other than what this poster is saying and the American media, where is the evidence that these "insurgents" are not actually Iraqi patriots fighting to protect their country? There is great suspicion about whether the new Iraq government will be tied to US oil interests. So many stories have been circulated about Saddam Hussein, designed to rile the masses to go to war against Iraq. It is important to separate fact from fiction. That is what a trial is supposed to do. And it is long overdue. Even Charles Manson deserved a good defense lawyer; therefore, so does Saddam Hussein.

Your Marching Orders 08.Feb.2005 09:17


I guess that's the end of that. If the US in the form of Ramsey Clark or under the Occupation Authority intervenes in the Saddam case: oppose it. If the Muslims assert national sovereignty over the Saddam case: support it.

The United States will recall its earlier commitments to keep Saddam in Iraq and that he be tried by a sovereign Iraqi court.

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