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kboo morning news headlines, 2/7/05

keeping you up to date with the craziest mainstream stories not reported by the mainstream press. dig the language on the bush budget, baby
chris andraea, internet editor
blaine palmer on the microphone
patrik kilpatrick produced and engineered

1 biscuit timber protest
2 willamette river still dirty, kulongoski says we should clean it up
3 cascade africa film festival (e. delanderos-tierre, repeat)
4 oregon nonprofits do well in a bad economy
5 multnomah county holds community budget forums this week
6 california full steam ahead on stem cell research (CA report, repeat)
7 rumsfeld may be arrested for war crimes if he travels to germany
8 mumia commentary on alberto gonzales (fsrn, repeat)
9 EPA follows bush in avoiding "reality-based" policy
10 bush budget cuts 150 programs and carries the largest debt in 3 years
11 rice says that US will be very active in the middle east, hardy har har
12 G7 concludes debt relief is a good idea, with the exception of one country
13 treaty signed to protect african forests
14 man killed in nigerian oil protests
15 bolivia's carlos mesa replaces his government again (radiomundoreal.fm)
16 guatemala halts war crimes trial of 16 soldiers accused of indigenous massacre
17 halliburton's illegal profits don't have to be returned (fsrn, repeat)

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