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The Invention of Abu Musab al Zarqawi

The presumed head of Tawhid wal Jihad (Unity and Jihad), the group supposedly responsible for a string of atrocities in Iraq including the videotaped decapitation of American Nicholas Berg and the ruthless killing of Shia pilgrims, has become the West?s new poster boy of international terrorism.
Will the real Zarqawi please stand up?
Will the real Zarqawi please stand up?
AHA, this isn't Zarqawi either!
AHA, this isn't Zarqawi either!
Abu Musab al Zarqawi is rapidly becoming in the public mind the new face of international terrorism, eclipsing Osama bin Laden into second place.

But according to some researchers, if Zarqawi didn?t exist the US government would have invented him. In fact, it?s increasingly possible they did invent him.

According to Mustafa Alani, a Gulf-based terrorism expert, ?Zarqawi might be someone invented by politicians and the security services to point the finger of blame at.?

Not only has his presence in Iraq never been convincingly proved, but even his whereabouts has never been corroborated by anyone other than American Generals who prefer to ?bomb first and look later.?

As the Anglo-Americans escalate their ?war on terrorism? which in reality is a war on Islam, the need to escalate disinformation and propaganda is also paramount, particularly when the public is losing its stomach for the battle, when American lives are being lost each day, and when Western leaders continue to be caught red handed in one scandal after another.

To rouse public opinion to support the neocolonial war effort, the US intelligence community has created it own terrorist organisations. War propaganda, disinformation and counterterrorism are braided together to achieve the maximum result, for ?terrorism? must remain front and centre in the minds of citizens if the Anglo-Americans are going to reach foreign policy objectives.

Here?s how it works. Disinformation is circulated to the news media and then the intelligence community creates its own terror warnings concerning the very organisations it created.

In some cases, the disinformation appears in advance, in order to pave the way for an up and coming act of ?terror? that brings about a desired political outcome. This problem/solution equation always appears when the war effort is waning and serves to give a face to terror via an expensive advertising campaign.

And this is precisely what we have in Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the West?s new ?public enemy No 1?. Zarqawi and his group are now ?responsible? for every dark deed carried out against Anglo-American goals in Iraq, including the latest ?barbaric? videotaped beheadings.

The US State Department has increased the reward for his arrest from $10 million to $25 million, which puts his ?market value? at par with that of Osama.

Since early 2004, Zarqawi has been in the news almost on a daily basis. In contrast to Osama bin Laden, Zarqawi has no family history and he supposedly comes from an impoverished Palestinian family in Jordan. His parents are dead. He emerged out of the blue.

He is described by CNN as ?a lone wolf? who is said to act independent of Al Qaeda. He seems to be in several places at the same time. He is described as ?the chief US enemy?, ?a master of disguise and bogus identification papers?. We are led to believe this ?lone wolf? manages to outwit the powerful US intelligence operatives.

According to the Weekly Standard which is known to have a close relationship to the Bush administration:

?Abu Musab al Zarqawi is hot right now. He masterminded not only Berg?s murder but also the Madrid carnage on March 11, the bombardment of Shia worshippers in Iraq the same month, and the April 24 suicide attack on the port of Basra. But he is far from a newcomer to slaughter. Well before 9/11, he had already concocted a plot to kill Israeli and American tourists in Jordan. His label is on terrorist groups and attacks on four continents.? (Weekly Standard, 24 May 2004)

In Iraq, he is said to be determined to ?ignite a civil war between Sunnis and Shiites?. But this is precisely what US intelligence is aiming at (?divide and rule?) as confirmed by several analysts of the US led war. Pitting one group against the other with a view to weakening the resistance movement.

The CIA, with its $30 billion plus budget, pleads ignorance. They say they know nothing about him; they have a photograph, but, according to the Weekly Standard, they apparently do not know his weight or height.

There is an aura of mystery surrounding this individual which is part of the propaganda ploy. Zarqawi is described as ?so secretive even some operatives who work with him do not know his identity.?

According to Prof. Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research, ?almost immediately in the wake of a terrorist event or warning,? the media says ?we think this mysterious individual Abu Musab al Zarqawi is behind it, invariably without supporting evidence and prior to the conduct of an investigation by the relevant police and intelligence authorities.?

?In some cases, upon the immediate occurrence of the terrorist event, there is an initial report which mentions Zarqawi as the possible mastermind. The report will often say, yes we think he did it, but it is not yet confirmed and there is some doubt on the identity of those behind the attack,? Chossudovsky reports.

The first time Abu Musab al Zarqawi?s name is mentioned was in relation to the thwarted attack on the Radisson SAS Hotel in Amman, Jordan, during the millennium celebrations in 1999.

According to the New York Times, Zarqawi fled Afghanistan to Iran in late 2001, following the entry of US troops. Official US reports suggest he was protected at the highest levels of the Tehran government.

Now we hear the US administration has concluded Syria is working to destabilise the interim government in Iraq and ?harboring senior operatives of Abu Musab al Zarqawi? (World Tribune, 28 September 2004).

In post-September 11 doctrine speeches George W. Bush has warned that states harboring terrorists are subject to attack. The omnipotent Zarqawi now conveniently provides an excuse for the US to strike more countries at its time of choosing.

The same propaganda process took place with the demonisation of Iraq before the Anglo-American invasion. In the months leading up to the war, Zarqawi?s name re-emerged, almost on daily basis, with reports focusing on his sinister relationship to Saddam Hussein.

We are told Zarqawi?s group is composed of many foreign fighters, but this claim ? which underlies the misinformation foreigners are directing the Iraqi resistance ? is also unsupported by evidence.

USA Today admits, ?Suspected foreign fighters account for less than 2% of the 5,700 captives being held as security threats in Iraq, a strong indication that Iraqis are largely responsible for the stubborn insurgency... the figures also suggest that Iraq isn?t as big a magnet for foreign terrorists as some administration critics have asserted.? (USA Today, 5 July 2004)

An article for the Iraqi resistance web site Al Moharer by Hanna Kildani also refutes the existence of Zarqawi:

?The story of Zarqawi is another invention. It is the creation of the Bush administration, and unfortunately it found wide acceptance in the Western media? This lie was formulated to justify the American aggression in Iraq... The resistance in Iraq is not Zarqawi neither is it made of thugs and foreigners but genuine Iraqis.?

By focusing everything on Zarqawi the media is diverting attention away from the fact that every major city and town in Iraq including large chunks of Baghdad are no-go areas for the occupation forces.

Unwilling to admit that what is really happening in Iraq is a national uprising against the occupation, they have no other choice but to create an alternate reality, with the invaluable assistance of the mass media.


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bin Laden's understudy on the ascendant 07.Feb.2005 05:50


Parenthetically, the pro war-on-terrorism, us media apparet dutifully reported that virtually all of the Iraqi "election day" incidents of violence were perpetrated by Zarqawi.

Z is a goner 07.Feb.2005 16:06


Zarquari was real alright, but he's deader than Pee Wee Herman's career. He's DEAD DEAD DEAD and so is Bin Laden. (according to reports in the Times of India during the Tora Bora raids.) So basically you're right. These patsies are more useful dead than alive.