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Selma, Oregon: Report-back from rally to save the Wild Siskiyous

The rally to save the Wild Siskiyou's was held yesterday just outside Selma Oregon. The Rally drew car pools of forest supporter's and defenders from the Siskiyou's area, Ashland, Eugene, and Portland. The Rally had a diverse group of folk's, cool music, dancing trees and salmon, and inspiring speakers. In the background was the wild and endangered Siskiyou National Forest. The rally gave a feeling of empowerment and awareness of what is at stake if we don't act now. It served as a call to action to preserve this wild, beautiful and brilliant national forest. It ended by providing everyone a way in which they could plug into various actions to save a unique and completely wild national forest from taming.

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Portland Rally to Demand Post-Fire Accountability from the Regional Forest Service, Tues. Feb. 8th
Join your fellow undomesticated city-dwellers on Fat Tuesday to support the Forest Service in canceling the largest timber sale complex in history. Ranks of scientists have argued against the sale, but that hasn't kept dozens of Editorials citing fictitious science or "common sense" from appearing in pro-logging newspapers around the state. Meet at Noon at the OK Corral, I mean, the Forest Service Region 6 HQ SW 2nd between Oak and Stark streets, on Tuesday, February 8th.

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biscuit rally in selma
biscuit rally in selma