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Mental Health Deconsumer; No Thanks corp psych pharm pusher

Some thoughts on the collaboration between petrochemical pharmaceutical pill pushing psychiatrists, animal cruelty, military occupation, prisons 4 profit, cannabis criminalizing police state..
Consider me a mental health deconsumer. As a teenager i realized something was wrong with suburban society and my reaction was a symptom of stress and disturbed confusion at my surroundings. For exhibiting symptoms of what psychiatrists term "mental illness" i was placed in a state psychiatric hospital (Arthur Brisbane CTC in Allaire) and tranquilized with a petrochemical pharmaceutical cocktail. Talking with the direct care staff at the hospital helped me more than the pills that just put me to sleep. Maybe i just needed someone to talk with..

Was my behavior disturbed enough for hospitalization? Well, i needed somebody's help and understanding but not pharma chemical tranquilizers. Teenagers are often the symptoms but the underlying social problem in america is far deeper than a few petrochemicals will fix..

Where did the american psychiatric association (APA) get the ideas that all these complex human emotional problems could be solved if we only reduced behavior to a batch of misfiring chemicals and prescribed the proper pill?

One recent experiment in psychiatry took place under the supervision of IG Farben (now Bayer et al), the Nazi chemical conglomerate that also manufactured nerve gas and other toxic weaponry. Seems like the Nazi scientists were also interested in behavior modification via chemical agents. Fluoridation of the work2death camp's water was only one of the methods used to tranquilize people into accepting their fate..

Testing the newest and latest pharmaceutical product also required testing these pills on animals. Though some claim the Nazis were opposed to animal testing on moral grounds, the reality is they didn't rely on animal tests because they were inaccurate. Instead the work2death camp inmates became the human animal lab rats to advance the chemical corporation's knowledge..

Modern day examples are seen in the american prisons for profit when inmates are unwillingly and unknowingly subjected to a battery of new pharmaceutical products. GW Bush's Eli Lilly pushes Prozac (Fluoextipine; Fluo is 4 fluoride) on teens in high school 4 the slightest sing of sadness. Animal testing parallels human testing, the faster a product is tested the sooner in can go to market and generate income for the pharma pushers. Corporations like Huntington Life Sciences exist to speed the animal testing results so the product can be rushed to the next phase 4 market preparation..

So now i'm living free from pharma tranqs and prefer cannabis as medicine for relaxation and calmness. This free spirited plant was used by Egyptians, Scythians and many other peoples for medicinal healing and recreational enjoyment..


It was a combination of the timber (Hearst) and petrochemical corporations (DuPont) that collaborated to make cannabis illegal. This occurred almost simultaneously with the petroleum extraction boom that produced the Rockefeller/DuPont family empires that ushered in WW2 after they and others (Prescott Bush) financed the Nazis to fend off industrial worker organizing. Seems like small time farmers growing hemp for paper, fuel and many other uses was too much competition for the centralized corporate elite..

Now america finds herself poised on another global conflict, this time for control of the remaining petroleum reserves in Iraq. From petrochemical plastics to pharma psych meds, we are a nation addicted to petroleum products..

Young African males suffer the most in the government's war against cannabis, receiving decades in prison 4 minor possession. Criminalization of cannabis provides labor to the prison economy where inmates work everyday at below minimum wage for american corporate sweatshops..

Medicinal plants were used on all continents by all peoples for various ailments. People lived in harmony with their ecosystem, knowing that every plant and animal in their environment was a vital component..

To free our bodies we also need to free our minds;

Say No To Psychiatry;


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