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Biscuit Rally Photos and How to Help

The Babyfoot Lake/Fiddler Mountain area, along with thousands of acres of old-growth reserves, are at imminent risk of logging due to the dropping of a legal injunction.  The Forest Service, in a rush to log these areas before a scheduled court date in March, is preparing sites in and around the Babyfoot Lake/Fiddler Mountain area.  Logging could begin within days.
In addition to attending the rally, your calls, letters and emails are still needed.

Please take action today!

You can send a free, instant fax from the Siskiyou Project website:www.siskiyou.org  It's a fast, easy way to make a difference for the wild Siskiyou!

Tell elected official and the Forest Service:

1. Not to allow the logging of old-growth reserves in the Siskiyou before full judicial review can occur

2. Create a Siskiyou Wild Rivers National Conservation Area to protect this special part of Oregon for future generations

Senator Ron Wyden
Portland: (503) 326-7525
DC: (202) 224-5244

Rep. Peter DeFazio
Eugene: (541) 465-6732 or toll free in Oregon: 1-800-944-9603
DC: (202) 225-6416
Governor Ted Kulongoski
(503) 378-4582

Linda Goodman - Regional Forester (Ore. & Wash)
Phone: (503) 808-2200

Scott Conroy - Rogue/Siskiyou National Forest Supervisor
Phone: (541) 858-2210
Capitol (DC) Switchboard
(202) 224-3121

Ask for a specific member of Congress


While 37 million board feet of legacy trees have already been logged as part of the Biscuit logging project, thousands of acres of sensitive old-growth reserves are suddenly and imminently threatened by the Fiddler, Steed, Berry, Wafer, Hobson, Lazy, and Briggs Six logging sales.  These Biscuit logging sales put the well-known Fiddler Mountain/Babyfoot Lake area in the Siskiyou National Forest at risk.

The Forest Service is trying to saw through these sales before a court case on the legality of the logging can be heard by a judge on March 22nd.  If logging proceeds, it could be completed before the court decides whether the logging is legal or not.

You can send a free, instant fax to elected officials and the Forest Service, join the Siskiyou Project and get more info at: www.siskiyou.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.siskiyou.org

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Another important way to help! 07.Feb.2005 00:07

Cascadian action--at--cascadiarising.org

People need rides to the area from Portland -- both over the next 48 hours and over the coming weeks.

If you regularly go south of Portland (even to Eugene is a help!), are planning a trip in advance and can let us know with enough notice that we can tell riders of an upcoming ride, or could otherwise help with rides please contact Cascadia Rising EcoDefense -- action--at--cascadiarising.org or call 503.493.7495.

There are currently riders waiting for rides and considering hitch-hiking despite rain/snow potential...please let us know if you or a friend can help.