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Time Magazine's "Twixters" label for 24-28 year olds coping with the Bush Economy: My advice

The Jan 24th edition of Time's cover story was dedicated to mid-20-somethings unable to find work, despite a 4-year degree, record tuition debt, and traditional trends of getting married, having kids, and buying houses by the time they are 22...

I would argue that what we are seeing is the inevitable impact of Bush Admin fiscal policy that rewards corporations for sending jobs overseas, tightens funding for educational grants and low interest student loans, and caters to global capitalism, rather than serve the electorate and nation it is responsible for.

Searching for the article, which Time won't display online without a $4.95 fee, I found a multitude of conservative editorials aimed at the article. They saw it as "liberal bias" from Time, which is far from a "liberal" establishment, but cited psychologists, sociologists, and economists, who felt that this generation's woes were the result of overzealous corporate marketing and a paradigm shift in when people should start getting married and conceiving potential draftees and taxpayers. Overwhelmingly, the conservative feedback was negative.

I believe this is extraodinarily unfair to 20-somethings who have been victimized by this administration and its policies. Without going into how educational dollars should be spent or any critique of the global economy itself, I feel compelled to offer these "Twixters" some advice which I formulated for myself as a student during the first Bush Admin.

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