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CALL FOR ENTRIES: Bike film fest


PORTLAND, OR - Filmed by Bike III, Portland's premier festival of bicycle-themed film shorts, has released a call for entries. The deadline is March 15th, 2005 and films may be mailed to 5267 NE 20th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97211, USA.

CONTACT: Ayleen Crotty, coordinator
Filmed [at] Riseup.net

The third annual festival a go-go seeks productions of 10 minutes or fewer on
DVD, CD or VHS. Each year Filmed by Bike brings together filmmakers from
around the globe with an emphasis on Portland's very own creators. Filmed by
Bike III is April 1st, 2005, Clinton Street Theater, Portland, Oregon. What
better place for such a show than haute couture BicycleLand, bicycle mecca,
Portland, Oregon?

WHO: Filmed by Bike III
WHAT: Festival of bicycle-themed film shorts
WHERE: Send to 5267 NE 20th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97211
WHEN: Deadline March 15th, 2005
WHY: Proceeds from Filmed by Bike III will fund the Multnomah County Bike Fair,
a one day carnival of bicycle mayhem and music.

MORE INFO: www.YeaBikes.net/filmed -or- filmed [at] riseup.net


homepage: homepage: http://www.yeabikes.net/filmed

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Kick ass! 06.Feb.2005 16:38


I went last year and it was so great, packed house, crazy locally made movies, beer beer and great shit.

Bikes Rule 06.Feb.2005 16:40

Chris O.

I agree, last year was a good screening but it was so crowded. I'm really glad to see that the organizers have chosen a larget theater this year. Filmed by Bike is a really fun film festival and the movies are really home made some of them and others are really professional, but it feels like such a portland thing to do to watch bike movies that are sometimes somewhat home made like.

So if you didn't go last year, or the year before, come to Clinton Street Theater this year.