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biscuit update?

i'm too sick to travel and am wondering 'bout the current situation in the biscuit. how was the rally? has silver creek sent saws in yet?
i'm too sick to travel and am wondering 'bout the current situation in the biscuit. how was the rally? has silver creek sent saws in yet? thank you to those who are in the woods....

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In the same boat. 06.Feb.2005 14:31

waiting to hear

News anyone?

Rally to save the Wild Siskiyou's 06.Feb.2005 15:19


The rally to save the Wild Siskiyou's was held yesterday just outside Selma Oregon. The Rally drew car pools of forest supporter's and defenders from the Siskiyou's area, Ashland, Eugene, and Portland. The Rally had a diverse group of folk's, cool music, dancing trees and salmon, and inspiring speakers. In the background was the wild and endangered Siskiyou National Forest. The rally gave a feeling of empowerment and awareness of what is at stake if we don't act now. It served as a call to action to preserve this wild, beautiful and brilliant national forest. It ended by providing everyone a way in which they could plug into various actions to save a unique and completely wild national forest from taming.

The wild Siskiyou National forest is at risk because of a greedy logging corporation and an indifferent forest service. The corporation Silver Creek lumber has vowed to send in loggers to cut Late Secessional (Old Growth) Reserve trees for the first time since the Northwest Forest Plan. Silver Creek is a shell corporation jointly controlled by Roseburg Forest Products, one of the largest regional purveyors of public timberlands, and Columbia Helicopters, a global oil, gas, and timber resource-extraction powerhouse that has repeatedly "buzzed" tree-sitters with hurricane-force downsrafts to intimidate them out of their perches.

If you haven't visited the Siskiyou National Forest before please consider it now. Any help or action you can provide to save this Wild area for the future generations that follow will be worth
your effort. You can help by writing to our elected officials by going to the website www.siskiyou.org or learn about volunteer opportunities to save the forest by calling the Siskiyou Project at 541-592-4459 or 503-222-6101. Also, Come to Downtown Portland Tuesday for our Ancient Forests! Thousands of Acres of Endangered Forests Under Threat!
Demonstrate your opposition to the
Siskiyou Biscuit logging Sales!
When: Tuesday, February 8 Noon
Where: Forest Service Region 6
SW 2nd St, between Stark and Oak, in Downtown Portland
What: Demonstration to protect remaining endangered forests in the
Siskiyou National Forest.
It's Fat Tuesday! Wear your favorite costume and bring a noisemaker!