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WTF Mozilla?

Once again the wonderful Mozilla browser has erased, lost, dissappeared all of my bookmarks!
This is the third time that I have lost all bookmarks using Mozilla Firefox. While EI has it's problems, it does not arbitrarily without warining just "empty" your bookmarks. This is unacceptable and pisses me off!

I'm pretty sure I saw a post (somewhere) describing this very problem. There may a way to recover the missing bookmarks, but I can't recall how that is done. If anyone is familiar with the fix, please post here.

Great browser my eye...

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my firefox is crashed 06.Feb.2005 10:28

need to restart

my firefox is frozen this morning. I can not even get it to quit. I'm using safari at the moment. I'll restart my computer. My guess is that firefox will work fine again.

sorry about your bookmarks. i'm not sure what to tell you. let us know if you find the fix.

duh 06.Feb.2005 10:35


why dont you have a backup og your bookmarks?
its probably 'user error'...not mozilla.
by the way, its IE for internet exploiter, not EI
blame the computer for your mishaps and viruses

novice computer users...

not always user 06.Feb.2005 12:04


although it is often user error, there are always bugs in software... always! Sometimes it is at such a low level the user will never notice, but software is written by people, and people make mistakes.

Anyhow, firefox is still under development, and it is quite likely that this is a glitch. Keep backups of your bookmarks, and watch closely to when they disappear. try and see it you can track down how, when, where, or what causes them to disappear.

I know there is an issue I have where firefox opens new tabs randomly. It is related to my scrolling mouse. The driver doesn't like firefox or vice versa and firefox thinks there was a middle button click even there was not. Hopefully they will fix it, but either way it is much safer and more reliable than IE in my opinion.

ff is a condescending and pompous asshole 06.Feb.2005 15:02


fuck you ff
you come across like a real piece o'shit

First OFF! 06.Feb.2005 15:30

Bird Dog

When you load the program, make sure you are not connected to the net.

Just like using a rubber.
If she does not want to use one, she wants to get pregnant.

OK now on the serious side of things.
When you load the program, make sure you are not connected to the net.
This will stop any programs from being loaded on your computer before you have the chance to go through setting up the options.
If you go to tools, options, Advanced and go half way down the page you will find the software update section.
Uncheck the boxes to keep any updates to firefox or other utilitys from loading on you machine.

Most important go to tools, options, web features and uncheck the box marked allow web sites to install software.
If you don't your only asking for a problem.
Also check the box for loading images for the originating web site only.
This will help block the popups.
Uncheck the box for java and you will have taken another step to protect your computer from a virus.

Last but not least, keep the javascript box checked in order to log into password required sites, but uncheck all the boxes in the advanced section.

If you want go to the cookies section of the options and you can choose to allow cookies from only the web sites you trust.

Use a good firewall, Sygate works well for me.


Spend a little time to secure your computer and you will have a more enjoyable time.

To save your bookmarks, click on bookmarks, manage bookmarks, click file then export and save your bookmarks to a folder or disk.

Happy Browsing!

Also! 06.Feb.2005 15:48

Bird Dog

DOwnload spybot search and destroy and load with resident protection, this will keep any one from changing the registry and hijacking your main page.

And check out Ad-Aware it is also a freeware program and helps keep the rats on net from messing with your computer.



In everything it is us against them.

keep all your bookmarks in order. 06.Feb.2005 15:59


you might want to try out the free Bookmark-Manager

easy to use, you just drag n' drop addresses to the
folders you create and name them to keep all your bookmarks
tidy and easy to search through.

read the starter tutorial to get the basics on this handy app.

Oh and I almost forgot! 06.Feb.2005 16:18

Bird Dog

Here is the best part.

If you want your computer to run like it did the day you set it up.

Go to internet options in your control panel and open up to the last page.

Uncheck (ALL), I mean (all) the options and watch your computer fly like the wind.
Also check the box for Search from the address bar to (do not search)!
Keep in mind that you will not be able to use Internet Explorer, but Explorer is the problem.
It is built in to windows as part of the operating system for a reason.
In order to manipulate your computer.

Have A great Day!
Oh, by the way Mr. Gates.

What the hell is this? 06.Feb.2005 16:26

Spastica Rex


Bookmark Blues 08.Feb.2005 16:19

Bison Boy

I have found that Mozilla 1.7 will occasionally lose my user profile (and thus my bookmarks) if I have my profile stored on a network-mounted drive and lose the connection to it. I haven't had a lick of trouble with Firefox, though.

If you think you have a bug in Mozilla, report it at  https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/. This will help the developers fix any problems.

[And no, it's not Slashdot. People here aren't polite enough. :-) ]

Why Bookmark-Manager? 10.Feb.2005 14:25

firefox user

Why would one need Bookmark-Manager? I do pretty much the same thing within Firefox - folders which I name for keeping links organized in categories.

wtf 11.Feb.2005 22:32


the fucking bookmarks i had (100+) just dissappeared from my mozilla!!!!! i did nothing at all!!

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