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Congressman refuses to probe illegal alien terrorist cell in his own district

If you've been following or are aware of the Mary Schneider case, here's an update from Tom Flocco.
Florida congressman refuses to probe terrorist cell in his own district

Congressman refuses to probe illegal alien terrorist cell in his own district

Florida green cardimmigration bribery and evidence shredding cover-uplinked to terrorism reaches into House of Representatives

by Tom Flocco

ORLANDO--January 28, 2005--TomFlocco.com--Despite widespread news reports linking Moroccan Muslims to worldwide terrorism, Florida Congressman Ric Keller (R-8-FL) has declined to call for a formal FBI or Government Accounting Office (GAO) investigation of Orlando Homeland Security official Mary Schneider's concrete evidence of green card bribery of immigration officials by illegal Moroccan Muslims linked to a terrorist cell in Keller's central Florida congressional district--the hub of Sunshine State tourism and airline traffic.


Orlando Congressman Ric Keller (R-8-FL)

Our interview with the Orlando immigration adjudication officer revealed that Keller, who is a member of the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security told Mary Schneider "your problem is not a matter within the purview of a federal agency."

Schneider told us that "one of the Moroccans recently arrested [in Europe] for being involved with a terrorist cellseeking to purchaseexplosives has the exact same name as a Moroccan I interviewed [in Orlando] in a felony fraud sham marriage case in which I had obtained discrepancies and conflicting answers in separate in-depth testimony."
The immigration officer elaborated, "my [Orlando] INS supervisor Susan Dugas surreptitiously removedhis case file from my office and it was quickly approved without any further in-depth testimony," adding, "several years later I discovered an investigations in-take report where a now-divorced spouse complained that her Moroccan husband who I interviewed--and who worked at Orlando/Disneyworld EPCOT Center's Moroccan pavillion--had the exact same name as the Moroccan who was recently arrested in Europe with ties to a terrorist cell and explosives."

Schneider also told us, "I personally spoke with the woman several times on the phone and she told me her Moroccan husband had falsified a complaint in order to have a bogus complaint approved against me so that my supervisor Susan Dugas could use it for illegal personnel punishments; and immigration officials withheld this exonerating evidence from me."

"The Moroccan married the woman barely seven months after entering the U.S. and complained that he had used her for a green card,"Schneider said.

Not long after the 17-year Orlando resident told Rep. Keller (her congressman) that illegal Moroccan Muslim Lyazid Abad lived in a local apartment with alleged 9-11 ringleader-hijacker Mohamed Atta and served as a driver for Osama bin Laden's brother Khalil, Schneider received notice that she will shortly be fired from her immigration enforcement position.

According to records from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida--but also phone calls by TomFlocco.com to the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Immigration Court public affairs office--we confirmed that on June 15, 2004 theDepartment of Homeland Security moved to deport illegal Moroccan Muslim Lyazid Abad, permitting him to leave the U.S. without being held as a material witnesslinked tothe 9/11 attacks or offering sworn testimony before a grand jury--either in Orlando or elsewhere.

[20 days earlier on May 26, the first in a series of TomFlocco.com stories was posted, exposingOrlando's illegal alien bribery in Rep. Keller's congressional district [ Sleeping With the Enemy], in which Schneider implicated Abad in a sham marriage bribery conspiracy linked to Mohamed Atta, Khalil bin Laden and the 3,000-death mass murder on 9/11. This, via court case Mary Schneider vs. John Ashcroft & James Ziglar, Commissioner, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)]

Three separate calls toCongressman Keller's Chief of Staff Bryan Malenius in Orlando were unreturned as we sought comment for this storyand Schneider's allegations involving the aiding and abetting of illegal Muslims and other illegal nationals with green cards and ensuing United States citizenship--and why the congressman declined to call for a full investigation to protect his constituents.

Government officials warned before September 11 attacks

Schneider was an immigration adjudication officer and designated federal whistleblower with a 30-year career in immigration law enforcement who had notified numerous congressmen, senators, cabinet members, Justice Department, FBI and top immigration officials before the 9/11 attacks that illegal Moroccan Muslims and other aliens were bribing federal immigration officials for green cards in her Orlando office, shredding documents as far back as six years, and being given aid and comfort while committing numerous felonies--yet she will still be fired.

Before fleeing the U.S., West Orlando resident Khalil bin Laden--who lived near Walt Disney World at 17920 W. Colonial Drive in Winter Garden, Florida--has been the subject of multiple news reports linking him to terrorist training and finance.

Khalil was not held in the U.S. as a material witness after September 11 since the White House approved a post-attack Saudi airlift involving more than 100 Saudis and other members of the bin Laden family who were permitted to leave the country without extensive questioning or grand jury testimony.

Outside federal informantBonnie Sharrit (mother of Christine Sharrit)--who was the fourth of Moroccan Lyazid Abad's five American wives--reported that Abad chauffeured Khalil bin Laden to both Miami and Tampa, acting somewhat as an unofficial taxi-driver.

Interestingly, informant Christine Sharritrevealed that Abad lived with Mohamed Atta in an Orlando area apartment withfive or sixother Muslims priorto Sharrit's February, 1997 marriage to Abad, providing clear evidence that alleged lead hijacker Atta was living in the U.S. during 1996 or earlier--a fact that neither the FBI nor the 9-11 Commission willdisclose to American citizens.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's Criminal Investigation Division (CID) officers questioned Christine Sharrit--estranged from her husband--almost immediately after the September 11 attacks in 2001 while she was stationed in Europe on military duty,and Mary Schneider was informed ofthis factin early December, 2003.

Sharrit told her parents that Secretary Rumsfeld's CID agents knew more about her husband that she did, even asking her to identify a photo of Mohamed Atta who lived with her husband before their marriage, confirming that the government was well aware of Abad's connections to Mohamed Atta andwas likely tracking the movements of both prior to the attacks sinceCID agentscontacted Sharrit for questioning right after 9/11.

Of equal importance, this evidence directly contradicts newly confirmed Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's sworn testimony before the 9/11 Commission that the Bush Administration possessed no "actionable intelligence" of an al Qaeda presence on U.S. soil between the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and September 11, 2001--raising questions as to whether Rep. Keller and other congressional legislators are untouchable.

No senator broached this issue during last week's Secretary of State confirmation hearings for Dr. Rice, leaving continuing unanswered questions abouther veracity--her own protestations to the contrary--and whether senators deliberately kept this line of questioning off the table during Rice's hearing.

Fired for protecting American citizens

Schneider's career ranged from inspections of incoming aircraft, cars, trucks and trains entering the U.S. from the Canadian border to immigration enforcement inspections of arriving passengers and cargo ships at Baltimore-Washington International Airport and Baltimore Harbor where she made an unprecedented, first ever, four-pound marijuana seizure from a Jamaican smuggler while holding the well-documented record of making 47% of all enforcement intercepts in the INS Baltimore District.

While working for 13 years in Orlando, Schneider intercepted six (6) felony fraud sham marriage RINGS and obtained over 35 signed, videotaped confessions of fraudulent sham marriages--with two of the six RINGS comprised of illegal Muslims.

This, while her congressman, Ric Keller, will not come to the aid of his beleaguered home-town constituent who has obviously been treated unfairly and with great disrespect for her actions which have proven that she is looking out for the safety of her fellow Floridians--let alone all Americans.

In the hundreds of sham marriages Schneider documented, one of them has theexact same name as the Moroccan who was recently arrested in Europe for terrorist involvement with explosives. [See the partial list at the bottom fornumerous Moroccans involved in worldwide terrorism.]

Despite her highly documented, unprecedented enforcement performance protecting the citizens in Keller's congressional district, Schneider was removed and prevented from conductingany marriage interviews and assigned only naturalization interviews and given unacceptable performance appraisals by government officials intent upon firing her from her sole source of income to cover up her allegations.

Schneider told us she has been "subjected to unending daily harassment, an extreme 'mobbing' hostile work environment, continuous animus, bias, prejudice, reprisals and retaliations, trumped up allegations, and numerous bogus interrogations and investigations--all at taxpayer expense--requiring her to file two separate Whistleblower Retaliation complaints to the Merit Systems Protection Board and a Title VII Civil Rights Violations Lawsuit in the U. S. District Court in Miami, resulting in litigation bankruptcy.

Congressman declines probe of illegal Moroccans

Keller, a strong supporter of free trade and the Moroccan government, voted on July 22, 2004 in favor H.R. 4842 to implement the United States-Morocco Free Trade Agreement which will result in the outsourcing of American jobs to cheap foreign labor markets.

Keller also received $25,750 in election campaign contributions from Walt Disney Corporation (whose Moroccan Pavillion at Orlando's Disney World Epcot Center had unknowingly employed the Moroccan interviewed by Schneider with the exact same name as the terrorist arrested in Europe) which benefits from cheap foreign labor from Moroccans who come to the U.S. mostly using Q-1 cultural visas.

Schneider said theWhite House, U.S. intelligence and law enforcement are well aware that numerous Moroccans are heavily involved in terrorist-related activities according to multiple mainstream media reports, yet they continue to permit the Orlando immigration office to reward Moroccans and other Muslims with green cards and U.S. citizenship--most of whom are illegally working or overstaying their visas in an out-of-status manner.

In her letter to Rep. Keller, Schneider said she reported information to Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI Directors Louis Freeh and Robert Mueller, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and other legislators over the past few years that illegal Muslims had "bribed her supervisors and shreddedseven years of official records to prevent auditing of felony fraud cases," while also presenting evidence that 70 illegal Muslims were criminally approved or never denied and deported.

This, after committing "felony fraud sham marriages, purjury, bribery, altered/counterfeit documents, bigamy, illegal entry or overstay in U.S., illegal employment and fraudulent tax returns."

Schneider told Keller "One of the illegal Muslims these corrupt officials have given aid and comfort to is Moroccan Muslim Lyazid Abad....He married four different American women in an attempt to obtain a green card....(Abad's) fourth marriage was to U.S. citizen Christine Marie Sharrit in Orlando." [Our inquiry to the Florida Office of Vital Statistics to validate Sharrit's story produced a copy of Sharrit and Abad's marriage license # 14787677, dated 2/14/1997]

The immigration officer's letter to Keller continued: "When I did not approve his [Abad's] four sham marriages, he purchased two money orders for $1,500 each, made out to my Orlando immigration supervisors, Susan Dugas and Stella Jarina--recently promoted....[Dugas/Jarina] surreptitiously removed [Lyazid Abad's] case documents from my office, after hours, and locked them in their offices without denial [of a green card] or prosecution for over six years."

In his response to her letter requesting intervention and investigation regarding her firing, Congressman Keller thought the matter important enough "that a member of my staff consulted with the U.S. House of Representatives Office of General Counsel since the allegations you noted in your letter with reference to conspiracies involving federal officials are of concern to me."

Keller continued, saying "it was determined that since you have two pending court cases, one with the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), I cannot intervene in this matter," to which Schneider replied to Keller in another letter: "I did not request assistance from you regarding my present case on appeal with MSPB or my Title VII civil rights violation lawsuit. These two cases are unrelated and do not address my illegal firing and termination from a 30-year federal career."

Schneider also wrote Keller, saying "I can only describe your letter as a 'pass-the-buck', 'wash-my-hands' and 'run-as-fast-as-I-can' from addressing on-going, extensive federal corruption related to terrorist activities in the Orlando area and the state of Florida. Your letter does not express any concern for the terrorist-related activities by corrupt officials that, as an officially designated whistleblower, I have repeatedly reported for over six years."

Keller's refusal to probe illegal immigration closely linked to terrorism and bribery of federal officials in his own congressional district is all the more curious since he was a sponsor of a bill that links airline passenger manifests to the FBI's Terrorist Watch List so that computer checks are run on those boarding planes to make sure they are not wanted for ties to terrorist organizations.

The congressman showed concern for terrorism in America but not for concrete evidence of terrorist cells in the community where his own family and constituents live!

Contact Mary Schneider at: http://www.maryschneider.us/

[Schneider told usshe has contacted the following major government officials about illegal alien bribery linked to terrorist cells in Orlando]:

President George W. Bush at the White House, Congress, the Office of Special Counsel Elaine Kaplan, the Department of Justice (DOJ) Attorney General John Ashcroft and the DOJ Criminal Division, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Tom Ridge, FBI Directors Louis Freeh and Robert Mueller, DOJ Inspector General Glen Fine and Special Agent in Charge (SAIC) Alan Hazen, DOJ/DHS INS/CIS Commissioners Ziglar, Garcia and Aguirre, and INS/DHS District Director Robert Wallis and John Bulger.

[A search of numerous reports indicating that Moroccan Muslims are linked to or have been arrested for worldwide terrorist activities revealed the following partial list]:

  • Moroccans arrested in Fallujah, Iraq fighting U.S. forces

  • About 600 Moroccans are known to have trained in Afghanistan camps sponsored by Osama bin Laden;

  • Morocco warned Spain it lost track of 400 Moroccan Islamist militants who trained in al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan, Bosnia or Chechnya;

  • Five Moroccans were arrested in Italy in 2003 in possession of explosives and maps;

  • Nine Moroccans were arrested in 2002 with cyanide and maps for the tunnels beneath the American embassy in Rome;

  • At least 17 Moroccans are held at Guantanamo, Camp XRay;

  • Moroccans were aiding Saudis who planned to blow up NATO warships in the Straits of Gibraltar;

  • Moroccans in the U. S. were required by the U. S. government in 2002, to comply with the mandatory registration program;

  • Moroccan Amer el (Al) Azizi aka Othman Andalusi a fugitive suspect in Madrid bombings, and U.S. officials also said Azizi may have met with 9/11 alleged hijacker Mohamed Atta and coordinator Ramzi Binalshibh, alleged 20th hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui had Azizi's number;

  • Moroccan Mohammed al Fazazi, Imam, arrested for Casablanca bombings; associated with 9/11 terrorist Mohamed Atta;

  • Moroccan Youssef Karroum was associated with Algerian Ahmed Ressam who was planning to blow up Los angeles International Airport (LAX);

  • Zacharias Moussaoui is a French Moroccan arrested, suspected in 9/11 attacks;

  • Moroccan Mounir al Motassadek linked to the 9/11 attack;

  • Moroccan Abdelghani Mzoudi, believed recruited by9/11 terrorist Mohamed Atta, added to U.N. Al Qaida list;

  • Moroccan Abdallah Tabarak, Osama bin Laden's bodyguard found in possession of Osama's satellite cell phone;

  • Moroccan Karim Koubriti, arrested on terrorism conspiracy;

  • Moroccan Ahmed Hannan, arrested on terrorism conspiracy;

  • Moroccan Mohamed Rafik, arrested in connection with the Casablanca bombings;

  • Moroccan Muhammed Daki, accused of sending funds/recruiting militants to Iraq for suicide attacks or as fighters against US led forces in the country;

  • Dutch-Moroccan Mohammed Bouyeri, arrested for murder of Netherlands film director van Gogh;

  • Moroccan Jamal Ben Miloud Amar Ajouaou, arrested as terror suspect;

  • Moroccan Adil Adil al Sharqawi (Charkaoui), arrested as a member of the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group;

  • Moroccan Majid Bakkali, arrested as suspect in terrorist cell;

  • Moroccan Abdelkader Farhaoui, arrested as suspect in terrorist cell;

  • Moroccan Mohamed Douha, arrested as suspect in terrorist cell;

  • Moroccan Hassan El Haski, arrested for Madrid train bombings;

  • Moroccan Moustafa Chaouki, died in failed suspected terrorist bombing;

  • Moroccan Samir Ben Abdellah, former imam, suspected of terrorist ties;

  • Moroccan Rachid Oulad Akcha, suspect in Madrid bombings;

  • Moroccan Jamal Zougam, arrested for Madrid bombings;

  • Moroccan Abdul Aziz Bin Yaeesh, suspected of terrorist activities;

  • Moroccan Abdallah Mourib, arrested as a member of the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group;

  • Moroccan Ali Fahimi, arrested as a member of the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group;

  • Moroccan Brahim Atia El Hammouchi, arrested as a member of the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group;

  • Moroccan Abdeladim Akoudad aka 'Nadufel', arrested as member in several extremist groups and for Casablanca bombings;

  • Moroccan Samir Azzouz aka 'Yassin?, accused of plotting to blow up Dutch landmarks;

  • Moroccan Salaheddin Benyaich aka Abu Mughen, arrested for Casablanca bombings;

  • Moroccan Abdelaziz Benyaich, now jailed in Spain for his role in the Casablanca bombings;

  • Moroccan Mohamed Ouzar, member of Al Qaeda;

  • Moroccan Mohamed Mazouz, member of Al Qaeda;

  • Moroccan Radouane Chekkouri, member of Al Qaeda;

  • Moroccan Brahim Benchakroun, member of Al Qaeda;

  • Moroccan Mohammed Chaoui, arrested as suspect in Madrid bombings;

  • Moroccan Mohammed Bekkali, arrested as suspect in Madrid bombings;

  • Moroccan Khalid Zeimi Pardo, arrested as member of terrorist cell;

  • Moroccan Mohamed el Ouazzani, arrested as member of terrorist cell;

  • Moroccan Abdelatif Mourafik, arrested for Casablanca bombings;

  • Moroccan Mustafa Maymouni, arrested for Casablanca bombings;

  • Moroccan Driss Chebli, arrested for Casablanca bombings;

  • Moroccan Mohammed al Guerbouzi aka Abou Aissa, suspect in Casablanca bombings;

  • Moroccan Faisal Allouch, arrested for Madrid bombings;

  • Moroccan Abdelatif Mourafik, arrested for Casablanca bombings;

  • Moroccan Hassan Dabou is an Al Qaeda activist;

  • Moroccan Djamel Ajouaou, aiding Al Qaeda;

  • Moroccan Houssaine Kherchtou, an Osama bin Laden pilot.


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Spot the spin... 06.Feb.2005 08:34

Tony Blair's dog

"[A search of numerous reports indicating that Moroccan Muslims are linked to or have been arrested for worldwide terrorist activities revealed the following partial list]:"

Why not present the record of how many of the "alleged" "terrorists"
on that list had actually nothing to do with terrorism at all?

Yes, I thought so, that would be "counter productive",
likely to cause people to demand accountability.

And held accountable is the last thing the scum in the White House
want to be, since they would all end up in jail for high treason.

Could you compost this crap please? 06.Feb.2005 10:00


If you follow this link


it becomes clear that this is a repost from a nationalist blog. Sounds like corperate media to me, visa cards and all.

A million stories 06.Feb.2005 19:38

politics as impossible

Well, yes, hell, yes, the federal government is corrupt without end and a Republican Congressman from Florida -- what do you expect? Of course, any competent and honorable beaurocrat must be posted to some irrelevant position far from any real action -- or be fired. In a system where mostly you can't really be fired, in the normal course of business, no matter what your incompetency, the first requirement -- which is unquestioning loyalty to the system of corruption -- becomes the ONLY real requirement. With that, once you get inside, you can't be fired or if you are, you will soon find another job elsewhere in the beaurocracy.

There are a million stories in the War on Terror, and this is one of them.

If this is establishment media, heck 07.Feb.2005 03:21

U. Sam

I'll take dumptrucks of it.

"hey, I think I have some leads on terrorism, some Morroccans and buying visas"

"no, moroccans are not terrorists, only al-qaeda is, sorry I won't investigate"

"oh, that's funny, here's a long list of moroccans involved terrorism, are you stupid or just a corrupted piece of treasonous inbred globalist trailer trash that I would be ashamed to call my father?"

-sounds more like you don't know how to spell corporate and didn't see the link at the bottom that gives the source already. Wether or not you agree with what is written, I could care less. Call Tom an opportunist, a tin foil hat wearer, a liberal liar, whatever limbaugh is dictating to the republican herd, but corporate? LMAO.

Is this corporate too Mr. Chertoff?


Government officials warned before September 11 attacks

Schneider was an immigration adjudication officer and designated **FEDERAL WHISTLEBLOWER** with a **30-YEAR CARREER IN IMMIGARTION LAW ENFORCEMENT** who had notified numerous congressmen, senators, cabinet members, Justice Department, FBI and top immigration officials **BEFORE THE 9/11 ATTACKS** that illegal Moroccan Muslims and **OTHER** aliens were **BRIBING** federal immigration officials for green cards in her Orlando office, **SHREDDING DOCUMENTS AS FAR BACK AS SIX YEARS**, and being given aid and comfort while committing numerous felonies--**YET SHE WILL STILL BE FIRED**.

Let me know when fox airs the mary schneider expose'.

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