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Nepal: King has declared war on his own people

In previous articles on Nepal I have urged people to call the embassy and consulates urging for UN intervention in Nepal becuase bloody massacre of the poor peoples is immenant. In this update, I explain that The king has closed the borders, shut down the media, imprisoned the governement and is now killing his people. Please do something!!!

In what has been termed a coup de a tat the king of Nepal has turned off electricity, cut phone lines, jailed the prime minister and his cabinet, and shut off all outside news sources and shut down any critical of his actions.

In the villages the army is massacring young adults, and have detained 250 people. The bbc has reported crying, defiance, and bulleted retaliation. The UN, the US, UK, and India have all condemned the king for his actions. The king has stated that he is killing and torturing his citizens so that they do not know about the Maoist strike called for this week. As the Maoists have gained popular support (they don't have mine) the king has declared open misery on the populace of Nepal for rejecting his rule. He also has threatened the newspaper stating that by law they can not criticize him for 6 months for killing, maiming, and shutting his people into the dark ages. People are lost without power , phones, internet etc. All contact with the outside world has stopped.

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