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Respected Comrade Targeted by Racist Police

On January 29, 2005, approximately 5:25 A.M. I was traveling North I-5, took the Auburn exit traveling 18 East with my signal flashing, I safely merged into the right lane. I observed a patrol in my far left lane approaching my vehicle. The patrol car passed my vehicle. I observed a female officer on the her cellular phone. To my surprised, the patrol vehicle cut me off (merged directly in front of my vehicle) without using a turning signal. I immediately applied my brakes to prevent rearing ending the officer's vehicle. I flashed my lights once at the driver to get her attention or to see if the officer was okay. The officer speed up and then applied her brakes. I immediately signaled, observed my left and safely change into the left lane. The officer now known to me as Brigette, Clary #0105.

Officer Clary applied her brakes and I eventually passed her patrol car and right thereafter, she turned her lights on. I immediately pulled my vehicle over to the right and stopped. While waiting for the officer, I secured my driver's license, car registration and insurance. I rolled my window down, holding my driver's license in my left hand. I called 911 because my intuition told me that this was going be a hostile contact.

I requested a Sergeant through the 911 Operator to assist in the traffic stopped. The 911 Operator took my complaint and ask me where I was located, I told her I was just off I-5 on Highway 18 E going towards Auburn. The operator asked me for markers. I told her that there was just construction cones. The 911 Operator transferred my call to the Federal Way 911 Operator # 54. The operator informed me that a Lieutenant was on his way to assist. I saw officer Clary approaching my vehicle. To my surprise, officer Clary started banging on my window, yelling at me to get off the phone. I told officer Clary that I was talking with the 911 operator and requesting for a Sergeant because I fear for my life.
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