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New WalMart planned for North of Bend

According to a front page article in today's Bend Bulletin WalMart is planning to build a supercenter just north of Bend. (That's what we need in Bend another WalMart. Bend is looking more and more like Anaheim everyday.) The property is already bought, the lawyers have done there job. There will be a community meeting held at the Holiday in at 20615 Grandview Drive. This is the only meeting planned so far.

Issues with WalMart:

-Treatment of employees

-Increased traffic density.

Anything else?

Should some kind of community protest be organized?

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Another issue with WM 01.Feb.2005 21:04


-Takes $$$ from local businesses, sends it out of the community.
-Potential environmental degradation (from the massive parking lot, if nothing else)
-Abuses foreign factory workers, support of sweat shops.
-Donated millions of dollars to the Republican National Convention


DAte of Mtg 04.Feb.2005 15:05


You list a mtg site, but no date and time. could you pls let us know. Thx

Date and Time 05.Feb.2005 12:34

March Hare

Neighborhood meeting:
Sunday February 16
Holiday Inn
20615 Grandview Drive

WalMart has only sent invitatins to neighbors (Other box stores)
Meeting Location
Meeting Location

A view from Hartford 05.Feb.2005 13:48

March Hare

Protest held in front of new Walmart
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(WTNH, Jan. 26, 2005 11:25 PM) _ A new Walmart which is now open for business in Hartford is at the center of some controversy.

While some are excited about the new store, those against the chain came out in protest.

by News Channel 8's Bob Wilson
As Walmart rolled out the red carpet at the Hartford grand opening, protesters were rolling out a giant banner and handing out flyers.

"Bake sale. We're trying to raise money for those who can't afford health care."

Former employees were holding a bake sale trying to raise money for Walmart employees who can't afford the company's health care plan.

Jennifer Berena says,"It was basically a quarter of my pay. I was making 8 dollars and 30 cents an hour for 34 hours. I paid 97.50 for health care and that's a lot of money."

A new Hartford law allowed this demonstration to take place right at the front door so former employees could get their point across.

Jon Green says, "We're here to make the point that workers can't afford health care at 97.50 every two weeks."

May people stopped to donate money and sign the petition.

"I totally support this effort to call Walmart to corporate responsibility. They are one of the biggest corporations in the world," says Art Laffin.

Walmart spokesperson Tom Humm says "The company provides affordable health care to it's associates, employees pay is anywhere from 20 to 150 dollars biweekly."

As the sun went down the parking lot filled up almost to capacity for the grand opening, and many people we talked to said a Walmart is much better than what used to be here.

Donna Simpson says, This used to be a low income housing project and I'm glad they knocked it down and built this nice plaza here."

Alison Lee says,"I think it's going to be good for jobs, for the people in the neighborhood and there will be less crime and less drugs."

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