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Bushido Code vs. Bush Code: a comparison

This is the symbol for "Bushido" brushed onto a small-sized rice paper scroll. Bushido, literally translated "Way of the Warrior," was developed in Japan between the Heian and Tokugawa Ages (9th-12th century). It was a code and way of life for the fierce, but honorable Samurai.

How does the Bush Code stand up to the Bushido Code?
The Bushido code vs.
The Bushido code vs.
The Bush code
The Bush code
This is the symbol for "Bushido" brushed onto a small-sized rice paper scroll. Bushido, literally translated "Way of the Warrior," was developed in Japan between the Heian and Tokugawa Ages (9th-12th century). It was a code and way of life for the fierce, but honorable Samurai.

The main symbol is the Japanese Kanji for "Bushido," which is accompanied by the 7 Principles of the Samauri (or the code by which these remarkable warriors lived their lives). It is compared to the Bush Doctrine or Code.

1) Gi: Rectitude. When we must die, we must die. The right decision taken with equanimity.

INSTEAD, Bush travels around like he is about to be assassinated any minute. He even brought in massive support team of helicopters when visiting his distant relation the Queen of England, destroying her rose gardens.

2) Yu: Bravery tinged with heroism.

INSTEAD, cowardice tinged with megalomania. "Bring 'em on" is the classic expression of this from Bush. He attempts to get out of Vietnam service by getting into a home-based TX Air Guard, then gets bored even with a safe level of service, and justifies it by going AWOL. His cowardice goes well with #1.

3) Jin: Universal love; benevolence toward mankind; compassion.

INSTEAD, psychopathic hatred and egotism; Bush practices mealy mouthed words of compassion for only the cameras, without any evidence of actions for it. He publicly mocked people he sent to the death chamber while Texas Governor. He refuses to allow press inquiries into why for six months he was being investigated by Texas police in the 1980s for the mass slayings at a Satanic cult compound, that he was a neighbor of and the only survior around. His father stopped the investigation while he was Vice President. Bush II has attacked two countries--both members of the United Nations--without any cause, and came into his first security meeting after being appointed President stating "find for me a way to attack Iraq." It's all been downhill from there.

4) Chugi: Devotion, loyalty.

INSTEAD, treason and disloyalty; Bush expects everyone to give him unconditional loyalty without demonstrating any loyality them in turn. For instance, the standown on the day of September 11, 2001 was only allowed with Bush complicity--certainly a true treasonous act. Bush next purged the CIA (I thought only the Soviets had "purges"), for disagreeing with his disloyalty to the U.S. when the CIA report said that there was nothing in the way of any rational explanation for Bush attacking Iraq or sending U.S. troops there. So, to maintain his disloyalty without any competion, Bush got rid of a lot of those loyalist CIA. Bush is destroying your environment, your health care, and attempting to take away your retirement income without any danger of it all being in a crisis. None of these demonstrate that Bush has a loyalty to the people of the United States. Bush has sent the US military into harms way without there being any danger from. For Bush, loyalty means a psychopathic robotic control of others.

5) Rei: The right action, courtesy.

INSTEAD, Bush shows the world "you are with us or against us"--hardly a form of courtesy of disagreement, particularly when he was lying in the first place over the dangers from Iraq for instance. He has paid people to lie in the press for him, a massive covert bribery to generate fake "media time" support for his policies. He has threatened Europe with retaliation and trade issues unless European airliners turn over their private corporate flight lists to the U.S. He refuses to listen to his own people, and instead, isolates himself from him in his cultlike atmosphere that makes him an "Executive Branch Dividian" with his tiny cluster of hard core war profiteers and others who grow rich on the suffering of others. He rigged a national vote in 2004. Hardly the right action or an example of courtesy to ignore for people to make up their own mind without covert manipulation or bribery attempting to influence them or ignoring their votes altogether.

6) Makoto: Utter sincerity; truthfulness.

INSTEAD, Bush is known for nothing except lie after lie. The only sincere thing I have ever heard out of his mouth was something like 'It's amusing if if people hate you. Their anger makes you stronger.' See #3.

7) Meiyo: Honor and glory.

INSTEAD, Bush is simply self-righteous and self-glorifying, a perfect example of hubris and vainglory. Some high Catholics in Rome, including the Pope, think he is the anti-Christ.

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Bushuru 01.Feb.2005 17:51

Kolokea Hale

Bushuru translated from Japanese means vomit.

Hikyo 09.Feb.2005 16:10

ex-Marine against the war

Hikyo is the Japanese word for cowardly, and it sure fits Bush--the guy who avoided military service in Vietnam, but sends others to die in Iraq