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Can these cut rate bus service figures be correct?

Interesting information concerning a cut rate bus trip, I am interested in your comments on these figures. Thanks.
Interesting information concerning a cut rate bus trip:

Eastern Travel's cost to run a bus roundtrip from Washington,D.C.to New York City is $700.00
The driver gets $140.00
A full busload of 61 passengers pays $35 each roundtrip ticket = $2135.00
(these dollar figures from a recent Wall Street Journal article)

Pick up at: 715 H St Nw, Washington, DC 20001-3766
Arriving at: 88 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002-6017

224.3 miles 3hrs. 55min. (from Yahoo driving directions map finder)

says city bus gets 6.9 mpg

So we have a full busload of 61 passengers and their luggage on a cutrate new
shiny bicycle-friendly bus going roundtrip from Washington to New York
(www.ivymedia.com) and we'll assume this new bus gets 6.9 mpg loaded going
down the interstate for most of the trip. Here's the math:

61 passengers x 224.3 miles = 13682.3 passenger miles obtained
224.3 miles / 6.9 mpg = 32.5 gallons burned on this trip
what is the mileage achieved per passenger for this bus trip?
13682.3 passenger miles/32.5 gallons = 421 miles per gallon per passenger !!!

If my math and assumptions are correct, this is a very efficient bus trip.

Please correct me if I'm in error here. Thanks.

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incorrect! 02.Feb.2005 20:03

common sense guy

See, they were all on the bus TOGETHER, therefore they didn't travel 13,682 miles. That's why travelling on a bus is more efficient. The bus still gets 6.9 mpg.