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Wars For The White Nation

We Americans claim to be a peace-loving people. We hate bloodshed; we are opposed to violence. Yet we go into spasms of joy over the possibility of projecting dynamite bombs from flying machines upon helpless citizens ... Yet our hearts swell with pride at the thought that America is becoming the most powerful nation on earth, and that it will eventually plant her iron foot on the necks of all other nations. -

The machinery of government sets and enforces the drastic penalties; the minorities are either intimidated into silence, or brought slowly around by a subtle process of persuasion which may seem really to be converting them. War, Bourne explains, creates such wrenching social divisions, that fellow citizens often turn on fellow citizens, with one side, usually the pro-war side, demeaning the other, antiwar side, as traitors to the nation -- as if the nation is the political leadership!

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