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9/11 NEW PEARL HARBOR and Election Fraud AWARENESS + INQUIRY all day workshop

This is the conference that was postponed from Saturday January 15th, and updated through Saturday February 19th at noon.
Poster for February 19th NEW PEARL HARBOR video conference
Poster for February 19th NEW PEARL HARBOR video conference
AFTER table IMCpdx

NEW PEARL HARBOR Discussion Group

9/11 and Election Fraud awareness project

Everybody welcome for symposium and conference

and two hours on ELECTION FRAUD 2004

Noon - 8pm Saturday, February 19th

Multnomah Friends Meeting Hall
4312 SE Stark, Portland

$5 Suggested Donation (all day)

We will be holding an all-day event to analyze and discuss the events leading up to Sept. 11, 2001 and what has happened since in regards to 9/11. Eight hours of videos and discussion rarely seen or heard in the mass media.

Video from some of the best documentaries on the subject of 9/11 to be scheduled, including:
Barrie Zwicker's latest "The Great Conspiracy", the 2004 International Inquiry into 9/11 (San Francisco, Toronto & New York), UnansweredQuestions June 2002 press conference & more

Tentative video schedule:

12 noon John Judge/Oklahoma City
12:30 Jim Marrs, author "Inside Job"
1:30 Washington Press Club
2:00 Vote Scam
3:00 Voter Gate
4:00 Barrie Zwicker, "The Great Conspiracy"
5:00 Michael Ruppert, author "Crossing the Rubicon"
6:00 Eric Hufschmid, author "Painful Questions"
6:30 David Ray Griffin, author "The New Pearl Harbor" & "The 9/11 Commission Report"
7:15 ? Paul Thompson, author "The Terror Timeline"
7:40 Ralph Schoenman.
with updates on Ellen Mariani, Sibel Edmunds, Mike Ruppert, David Ray Griffin, Bev Harris and others

Sponsored by:
NEW PEARL HARBOR Discussion Group
9/11 and Election Fraud awareness project
Contact: Richard Frager
PO Box 5441, Portland 97228-5441
(503) 740-6776
e-mail: science@zzz.com
Check website for Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance lecture series

NEW PEARL HARBOR Discussion Group meets at Laughing Horse Books 3652 SE Division St, Portland, 7pm every 2nd and 4th Thursdays (plus pre-conference meeting at Laughing Horse Feb 17th at 7pm). And on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at New Haven 3551 SE Division St, Portland also at 7pm (except Feb 17th)

Also note ACTION SPEAKS Election Fraud meeting Tuesday Feb 15th 7pm at First Unitarian Church

homepage: homepage: http://septembereleventh.org/portland/index.php
phone: phone: (503) 740-6776
address: address: http://www.actionspeaksportland.org/

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