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January Videos from the Resistance Attracts Large Audience

Monday night Portland Indymedia's video collective held their monthly, last-monday video screening of locally produced activist video work at It's a Beautiful Pizza. An unusually large and energetic crowd was present.

Over 60 excited viewers crowded into the restaurant on SE Belmont and 34th to watch several brand-new mini-documentaries about recent local events and actions, including the anti-inauguration protests, the Parry Center struggle, and a recent day-laborer rally. This author was pleased to see such a great turnout, and also pleased with many of the videos. It's good to see such timely coverage happening in the video medium, and producers striving to push the envelope in terms of technique and form.

past feature: Mon. Jan 31 @ 7pm: Videos from the Resistance at It's a Beautiful Pizza
a full house at Videos From the Resistance
a full house at Videos From the Resistance