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January Videos from the Resistance Attracts Large Audience

Monday night Portland Indymedia's video collective held their monthly, last-monday video screening of locally produced activist video work at It's a Beautiful Pizza. An unusually large and energetic crowd was present.
a full house at Videos From the Resistance
a full house at Videos From the Resistance
Over 60 excited viewers crowded into the restaurant on SE Belmont and 34th to watch several brand-new mini-documentaries about recent local events and actions, including the anti-inauguration protests, the Parry Center struggle, and a recent day-laborer rally. This author was pleased to see such a great turnout, and also pleased with many of the videos. It's good to see such timely coverage happening in the video medium, and producers striving to push the envelope in terms of technique and form. Of course, relating the simple facts of each story is the first priority, but in order to attract the attention of as wide a viewership as possible, it's important, in my view, to continually experiment with ways to grab and hold the audience's interest, and draw in those who aren't already "in the choir" with vibrant, radical visions of what's happening in our community. I believe the video collective is engaging in valiant ongoing efforts in this direction, and we all can look forward to a continuation of this great work, at screenings around town and in the downloadable video archives on the site. íviva las videoistas!

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downloads? 01.Feb.2005 06:27


for those who couldnt attend this screening when can some of these videos be download?

Rockin! 01.Feb.2005 10:57

was there

That show was absolutely awesome! great revolutionary videos, great company. I heartily recommend the videos from the resistance shows to anyone and everyone.

its such a good thing 02.Feb.2005 15:11


those videos were very good
i encorage anyone who has not gone to see "videos from the resistance" night to go see it

its so good we have such wonderfull people in town to make and show us these important stories (your not gona get it from corporate media)

keep up the good work