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Military Force At Hachita NM

Presumably busting pot smugglers....
According to numerous local first hand accounts, the army and other US military are out in a show of force east of Hachita New Mexico and west of Columbus New Mexico, lining the road in places, large combat vehicles and many men. This is an operation out of Playas New Mexico, which is a major training facility for the OHS, purchased as a town in place from Phelps Dodge Corporation for just this purpose, although there is also rumor of extensive underground facilities in that vicinity, of which Playas OHS training Facility is said to be a cover for. Have no first hand info of my own but hope to see for myself soon.

There have been Psychological operations going on concerning local busts of marijuana and this is supposedly the reason being given for this show of force, a drug force, which is ludicrous.

Is this because Hachita has been entered as one of the several hundred cities Worldwide already signed up for the million marijuana march 2005?

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